Monday, December 12, 2005

Let it snow...

Today we had one of those beautiful fluffy snowfalls that remind me of a snow globe. On the way to the henhouse to get eggs I got a few pictures--the front door...

the boxwood and urn near the back deck...

and the henhouse.

Time has been flying with so much to do for the holidays--what have I done for the last month??....Christmas shopping, making gifts, making decorations--one of my favorites is a 3-D star made from cardstock which I spray glued and glittered with a white crystally glitter. To one I added a spiral wire base so it could go on top of the foyer tree, the rest I hung in the dining room in front of the picture window. Gifts are getting wrapped and I have begun making cookies--so far chocolate dipped shortbreads, and peanut butter kiss cookies. Only 13 more days til Christmas!

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