Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cosmetic bag

It was a busy day today--Ash Wednesday mass, homeschooling, eye dr. apt., library. Here's what I found to read: Hip Handbags by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader; Vintage Style by Cath Kidston; Stitch and Sizzle Accessories: hot handbags, scarves, wraps & accents; Decorating Junkmarket Style by Sue Whitney & Ki Nassauer; and 3 magazines for 25 cents apiece off the sale cart: March issue McCalls Quick Quilts, January's Clotilde's Sewing, and January's The Quilter magazine. Stopped at Blockbuster and rented the last copy of Pride & Prejudice, but won't get to watch it til tomorrow evening. I haven't fit in any sewing for some days, but this is a cosmetic bag I made awhile back and sent to one of Stephanie's friends for her birthday. I would like to make more of these, but I really need to figure out a way to press them better--the iron is just too big for these little nooks and crannies. I found the tutorial to make this at small hands.

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