Monday, May 08, 2006

Recycled cabinet

It seems lately I have many 'works in progress' but am not completing anything. For the past 2 weeks, much time has been spent working on my new sewing/crafting space which I have squeezed into our home office/computer room. The new 'workroom' will have to serve a lot of functions, but I am happy that my 'creative messes' and sewing machine will no longer have to occupy the dining room table. By Saturday, the wallpaper stripping and painting was done, and Mike moved around the computer equipment and helped me get things situated. One project that I showed earlier, here, was this cabinet and it is finally finished.

After getting all the contact paper off, I could read imprinted letters on the sides--Paul's Pies, Inc. Buffalo, NY. Apparently it held Paul's pies at one time. I sanded it, replaced some of the shelves, and painted it. Now it works great for holding fabric!

Hopefully I will have some more pictures this week of my 'new' workroom. I'm really looking forward to getting some projects finished now!


  1. love the idea of how you used this cabinet...perfect for fabric!! Good job!

  2. Your cabinet turned out so nice!

  3. I really like your cabinet! And so perfect for fabric. A good idea.

  4. What a wonderful find and what a clever use for it! You have such good ideas to share with us Debbie, thank you.

  5. ooooo I like the cabinet. I need to be finding something for my storage needs as well. Totes are not the answer. Have to see what is there..You know?


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