Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sewing/craft room "corners of my home"

Recently, I spent a couple weeks working in our home office to carve a space out for crafting and sewing. For years I have sewed in the dining room, lugging my sewing machine in and out and often just leaving it there for days on end til a project was finished. Now my sewing machine has its own space with storage for fabric and craft stuff, and I'm really enjoying it. I am not finished with all the arranging yet, and you'll notice a gap between the paint and wallpaper which is still waiting for chair rail molding...someday.
In this corner is one of two matching bookcases for reference books, a stereo, and a basket and picnic tin for storing things. The chalkboard I put into a frame from a not-so-great oil painting. This little chair was bought with the intention of slipcovering it, but it has remained like this for several years and I'm liking it a lot just the way it is. Someday I may get a slipcover made.

This third bookcase is full of craft and sewing stuff. Anything goes here for storage--a wire basket for current projects, a locker basket to hold patterns, old tins, baskets, jars, and a little drawer unit that I painted and distressed, which holds buttons. On top is a wooden tray from an old tool trunk that I painted and filled with my ribbons and pencil holders. I'm using an old wicker umbrella stand (?) for wrapping paper and maps.
This is my sewing table...
Above it is a bulletin board I made by covering a piece of masonite with some fabric and twill tape. I love the legs on the table, which we found at a barn sale a long time ago. The 'ice cream chair' was a gift from my parents which I painted green and added a hooked wool chair pad.
This vintage embroidered linen cloth is my new sewing machine cover, as the plastic one that came with the machine has seen better days, and this is so much prettier to look at.

It's still dark and gloomy here, so sorry if the pictures seem kind of dark.


  1. Debbie your craft room is wonderful. Just beautiful. I too have a new sewing machine and hate that plastic cover. I did not thing to use a pretty piece of linen to cover it. You are brilliant. Thank you !!!! I know I have told you but I LOVE your house. Clarice
    PS Joanne is a very dear friend of mine I have known for a long time. xoxoxo

  2. Thank you, Clarice. And I am so happy Joanne takes time to visit here. I've enjoyed her kind comments; so if you read this Joanne--welcome, and thank you!

  3. I love your room!! It looks very inviting! I love your blog!

  4. I love your room and that floral print is beautiful:)

  5. Your craft/sewing room is just lovely! I really like your that fringe hanging down in the front of it? I also really like the idea of the chalkboard in the picture frame. I've been thinking of doing something like that for my kitchen. I love the table...the legs on it are just beautiful!

  6. Debbie, I really enjoy your "Corners of My Home" posts. I love to see how others decorate. Thank you for sharing your home with us. :D

  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Everything looks so pretty. I love the way you arrange your pretty things it makes your home look so homey and inviting. :o)

  8. Your craft room looks very nice. The linen cover for your sewingmachine was a really good idea! And all the craftstuff looks nice in your shelfs. :) Have a nice weekend. :o)

  9. ::waves at Sarah and Hulda::fancy meeting you here.

    Deb, I just love everything about your sewing/craft room. I often put off sewing projects because of having to lug out the machine so I will store your ideas away for the day I get a room. :) I, too, love your idea of using the linen to cover your machine. I really like all your organizational ideas. very neat!

  10. Very beautiful! It looks like a wonderful place to sew.
    I like how you are storing your ribbon.


  11. Such a lovely work space. I've been browsing through your blog, your home is beautiful!

  12. Such a pretty craft room, what a nice place to be inspired!!! Hope this finds you well..blessings to you and yours..

  13. I can relate to the sewing machine on the dining table scenario! lol! It must feel great to have a special space for crafting now. Must make it easier to stay organised too. It's a beautiful room.

  14. LOve that chair, you are just so organised!


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