Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hollyhocks and some red, white & blue

Hollyhocks are another of my favorite flowers, and they are in full bloom. It stopped raining today for a very short while and I managed to get some pictures.
These particular hollyhocks by our front walk are 'volunteers'. I didn't really intend for them to be there, and tried to transplant them last year, but they were so big I couldn't dig them out. It looks like they're here to stay.
I love to put flags in my urns this time of year. I also hung up a little flag banner over the door which I just finished making yesterday. I saw a similar one in an antique shop that I loved ~ this is my version. I just bought some 4x6 flags, removed them from their sticks and sewed them to some twill tape. I tried to tea dye it all, but the flags didn't take it too well as they are more than half polyester ~ are there any made of 100% cotton anymore?
Also fitting the patriotic theme is this patchwork bag, which I just finished last night and will soon be for sale at my Firefly Farm shop.


  1. Love your front entrance. Looks perfect.

  2. Love the hollyhocks.I wish they would so well grow in my garden,self seeded plants always seem to be the most vigorous, don't they.

  3. Debbie, I looovvve your front entrance. It makes your home look so welcoming and inviting! I also loved the flag banner, what a cute idea. Wish I could drop by for a cup of tea!

  4. Very nice! I just put out some flags today too. Your flag banner is such a nice touch.

  5. I really like it when plants walk up to greet you like yours do. Seems so welcoming!
    I wish hollyhocks did well here, but they are prone to rust in our humidity. Yours are beautiful!
    Clever idea to make the flag garland. I wish they would make flags out of that sort of lightly woven cotton fabric they used to make them out of way back when. Do you know the kind?
    I really like the purse!
    It all looks so nice Debbie.

  6. Beautiful photos Debbie! I love the hollyhocks...and the flags...and the purse! :)

  7. Wow! Small touches say so much. I love your entrance.

    Boy, your hollyhocks are really huge. They look great. I don't think it stopped raining here today at all...or for the past couple of days.

    Another great bag. It's really awesome. I have to tell you, my husband is a "manly man" but he has gone on and on about the bag I bought from you and the quality of your work. I've never had him go on about something I've purchased like he has this bag. He loves it almost as much as I do. Thank goodness it is too girly for him or I'd have to keep my eye on it. lol

  8. Those hollyhocks are incredible! Your front entrance looks wonderful, you did a great job on the flag banner.
    I am in love with that bag!!!

  9. Debbie those hollyhocks are gorgeous and that color. Your front porch is wonderful. Very you !! And love the patchwork bag. Too cute. Clarice

  10. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Debbie, I just found you after visiting Clarice's Storybook Woods. Just had to pop in and say that I love your blog and will come back visiting again. Your front doorway is charming. I'm a fan of red-white-blue too and have my Old Glory waving right by the front door along with red geraniums. A lovely blog!

  11. Your hollyhocks looks great, I have a lot of them in the garden, too. They are lovely. And the purse is very cute.

  12. Oops! My comments are mixed up. On the vintage fabric post I said I like hollyhocks, so on the hollyhock post, I'm going to say that 1930's vintage fabric is my favorite! Your flags and bag are so nice! Good luck with the monster hollyhocks. They look great.

  13. YOur flag banner is great...I like it. As well as your pretty summer purse!

  14. What a lovely front entrance...most welcoming!! Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing with us!! Blessings...


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