Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a joyous Easter!
We had family here for brunch, and it wasn't until everyone was here and I needed an Easter basket in which to put the colored, hard-boiled eggs, that I realized I had not even decorated! No Easter tree, no banner, no Easter baskets displayed, no pussy willow branches...just these tulips I had picked up the week before. I will try and blame it on the fact that Easter is early this year and not, of course, that I could be a bit 'scatter-brained' lately. Hopefully the traditional cinnamon rolls compensated for the lack of decoration.
Today I am enjoying a leftover hot cross bun, a Good Friday tradition, which is perfect with a cup of tea. I'm not sure why I don't make these all year round, they are so good. If you would like the recipe, it can be found here, at The Urban Homemaker.


  1. Beautiful tulips. What more do we need to celebrate new life? I was a little short on decorations for our family dinner also. The important thing was remembering what the day is for, and the closeness of our family gathering together in celebration. The hot cross bun look delicious.

  2. The tulips are gorgeous! I didn't decorate either...we didn't even dye easter eggs with the kids! Things have been zaney...and we are fighting colds as well! I totally understand that "scatter brained" concept you mentioned!!! :)

  3. I put stuff up on Saturday and now it is time to take them down again! It came way to fast this year. I love the easter tree!!

  4. You know everyone of my friends Easter was sort of a mess this year. Nobody was prepared. Just a weird year. I am glad you were still able to enjoy it. Clarice

  5. Your tulips are lovely in the urn. The hot cross bun looks delicious. I think your celebration was perfect and meaningful. I'm so enjoying your blog.

  6. I like your mini-urn with the tulips. :o) I am sure that your urn must be used year round with different seasonal plants in it. I've seen those outside but never inside someone's home....Note to self: be on look-out for mini-urn! :o)

  7. I adore the colour of your tulips. I did not decorate this year and wondered why it really did not look like Easter in my house. Next year will be different. The hot cross bun and tea hit the spot I hope. It sure looked good.

    God bless.

  8. Easter was so early this year, I don't think there was enough time to prepare for it! The tulips are beautiful though.

  9. I love the tulips - such a wonderful little look at spring. I also did Easter decorations that took about 5 minutes to put out. It's just to early I think - well that's my story anyway, LOL.

    The hot cross buns look wonderful. I've seen several different posts about these little nuggets of yummy, I might need to try them next year.

    Happy Spring - karen

  10. Hope you had a lovely Easter. I'm blaming the cold weather for it not feeling much like Easter this year, snowing at Easter weekend!!!
    I love Hot Cross Buns, delicious!
    love Alison x

  11. I put bunnies on the new table in my bathroom a few months ago so I pretended they were Easter decorations. :) They're still there, of course. Bunnies are good all year, right?

    Hope you're having a wonderful spring. I think "scatter-brained" goes with having teenagers.

  12. claire5:20 PM

    The hot cross bun has an icing cross on it the ones sold in the UK have a sort of floury paste cross(flour and water mixed and then piped on)
    I was glad to read your post I have visited your blog many times and thoroughly enjoy it everytime

  13. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Joli blog, jolies photos, je reviendrai avec plaisir te faire une petite visite !
    A bientôt...


    PS : le béret bleu est adorable !

  14. Easter snuck up on us this year...your hot cross bun looks yummy.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

    As always lovely to see your creativity with your home life. You are inspiring! I say to myself, "Perhaps someday that will be me?!" One can only hope! ;-)

    We have snow today! Here at sea level! Such a surprise for snow this late -- but our snow is nothing compared to yours, I bet?! Glad you got a chance to escape to warm temperatures and sunshine. I often wonder what Florida might be like (usually when the grey and wet is upon us!).

  16. I really enjoy your blog. No Easter decorations just means less you have to put away now that Easter's over. Your tulips look great and I love that little transferware dish.

  17. Funny you should mention cinnamon buns. I asked my daughter how she would like her eggs for breakfast after the egg hunt and she said, "You usually make cinnamon buns"
    We did have Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert, rich but delicious.

  18. The buns look great. Easter just came too early this year. A lot of us weren't prepared. I enjoyed my visit to your blog but of course, I always do.

  19. The tulips are beautiful. I think Easter being early kind of threw everybody off. Did you notice how many stores were open on Easter? We had hot cross buns on Friday too but I bought mine at Whole Foods - I'll have to check out that recipe.


  20. Deb,
    I totally left out the Easter decorations this year too. Thankfully, my daughter brought a lovely bouquet of flowers with her to our dinner. Tulips are perfect!

    I made hot-cross buns too. They are yummy (but I leave out the raisins)


  21. Hihi, you are not the only one! Mee too forgot totally about it, I mean, to decorate and also to buy something special. Well, we can always decorate for the spring with lovely branches or with tulips as you have done. They are gorgoeus! I am lookign forward to enjoy the fields with all the tulips here in Holland. It is almost time!

    I hope you will have a great weekend! And thank you Deb for your visit the other day! That meant a lot to me :))

  22. Hi Deb,sounds like you had a lovely Easter with your family, me too.

    Your tulips are so pretty and they look great in the urn...a pretty touch of Spring.

    The hot cross buns sound good and yours looks yummy....I'm going to check the recipe out. Linda

  23. I love the tulips! I will have to remember that for next Easter.
    What a pretty touch of spring.


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