Thursday, April 17, 2008

my walk & nature notes

It's hard to believe that only a few weeks ago we had snow and that today it is sunny and in the 70's. The woodstove is sitting idle today, and my daily walks along our lanes (with muck boots, of course) have resumed.

~notes from my walk~

After feeding the cats, horses, and chickens, and gathering eggs, I headed north along the woods. I was startled by some fairly loud rustling noises to my right, but instead of the deer I thought it must be, I saw a gray squirrel with a very large bushy tail...maybe searching for any remaining nuts from the hickory tree.

The state ditch is full of water, almost up to the wooden bridge which crosses it.

Lots of deer tracks along the path.

Leaf buds on the trees are swelling but no leaves yet.

Sweet corn has already been planted in the farmer's field to the north of us.

Off to the west I can hear the Canadian geese at our neighbors pond.

I wish I could identify more birds by their song; their singing sounds especially beautiful & welcome today after a long silent winter.

When I come to the pasture fence, 'best-pony-ever' Jessica runs over and looks at me expectantly ~ she's ready for some exercise too.

As I walk past the pond, several frogs make long high leaps into the water. Soon there will be loads of polywogs.

I head along the pines to the road, grab the mail, go take the clothes off the line, and reluctantly head inside.


  1. I felt like I was walking right along side of you!


  2. What a beautiful property you have to take daily walks!

  3. Sigh, it is so beautiful were you live. As usual I want to move in. I am so glad it is warming up at your house (It is not at mine) Enjoy it for me. Clarice

  4. So beautiful. I am looking forward to longer walks now that the weather is getting nicer. Your description made me long for trees, and shaded paths.

  5. I enjoyed reading your nature notes, Deb!

  6. I enjoyed my live in the most beautiful surroundings, I imagined myself being right there with you. Have a happy weekend...Linda

  7. You live in such an idyllic place! I long to live in the country! Thank you for sharing your walk, I almost felt as if I was there, taking in the fresh air and the beautiful sounds. Hope you take some pictures next walk you take :)

  8. Lovely walk. Thank you for taking us with you. It is beautiful. Great pictures.

  9. This sounds like the most delightful day!

  10. Oh, this was so beautiful, thanks for sharing your wonderful walk!

  11. Love your screen door. I love to the sound of a screen door banging shut!

  12. Good Morning Deb, Just got done reading all about you walk...just loved it!!! We were living in Newark Valley, New York a couple of years ago, far out in the country, often walking our property too. Your descriptions brought back sweet memories of our rural home!! Looking forward to your next entry!....Happy Sunday, Heidi :)

  13. I just love your blog. It makes me breathe deeply. Thanks!

  14. I just love that last picture. Just love it.


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