Wednesday, July 29, 2009

keeping busy

We seem to be alternating between hot sunny days and rain. The garden is doing great--we are picking lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, and loads of blueberries, which are finding their way into smoothies, pies, pancakes, and homemade yogurt w/granola.
I put on my tall boots and waded through the tall grass to check the wild blackberries earlier in the week, and they are just becoming ready to pick...

I am only finding a handful at a time so I am popping them into the freezer til they start to accumulate.

Last year I made jam; this year I can't wait to try a pie as I've never made one with blackberries before.
While I was picking berries, I had to stop to admire the scenery...

...a beautiful patch of black-eyed Susans.

Besides lots of gardening, I made some time for a little sewing and put together a couple clothespin bags...
...this one, from that vintage table runner I found at the flea market, and this one ...

from some Alexander Henry fabric I have been hoarding for just the right project. I think it will make someone's laundry day a bit more pleasant!
**Thanks for the crocheted blanket appreciation from the last post!!**


  1. I have a old clothespin bag that is shaped like a dress. I am thinking of taking it apart and using the pieces as a pattern to make new ones to give away for Christmas. I like your idea of using vintage tablecloths. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow. Your garden is doing great. We're finally seeing an eggplant take shape. I'm worried that it was a bit too late for the watermelon but we'll see. I wanted to share something I discovered this week. I don't know if you do facebook but Lionbrand is doing specials for people who sign up as fans of their page. This week they were offering free shipping! You could just sign up and find their page and become a fan without going fullout facebook. I thought of you when I saw it. I plan to take advantage of that. Just last week I wanted to order something from them and the shipping stopped me, so I'm excited!

  3. WOW! I would not know which bag to choose...tho I am partial to the birds!
    We have had not much heat, and not a whole lot of sun either. Tomatoes are not where they should be, mostly green!

  4. The berries look scrumptious! Your garden looks so lush. Lots of good eatin'.

  5. Love the clothespin bags.
    I wish we would have some real summer heat but it has been a cool summer so far and lately, rainy. I would like a refund.
    You have a lot of self control with the blackberries. I did the same with wild raspberries twice this week, some made it into a tea cake but most made it into my mouth!

  6. Hello Deb!

    I guess you are a busy gal :) I am so glad that you have a good harvest from your garden and wild blackberries! How perfect. Try making Blackberry Shortcake , yum!

    I love the clothespin bags especially the first one :) It reminds me of a vintage dish towel my mom had when I was growing up :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!


  7. Hi Deb, I read your blog now and then and was inspired to visit while reading "Blogging for Bliss". I LOVE the bird clothepin bag. I'll e-mail you to see if it is still available. Your blog is terrific. I always enjoy it. ~Kathy

  8. Your garden is bountiful and beautiful! The last time I picked blackberries for a cobbler, I ended up being eaten up by chiggers! Do y'll have chiggers up north? V.

  9. Love these clothespin bags. Unfortunately my subdivision doesn't allow clotheslines. Can you imagine! These would make anyone's laundry day more cheerful!!

  10. We're enjoying the blackberries as well. Lovely clothes peg holders!

  11. I also have a clothespin bag that is a cute little dress.

    Your garden looks wonderful I've been picking veggies out of my daughters garden and boy are they better than the stores.

  12. Deb, I love visiting your blog. It always makes me feel cheerful. Your clothespin bags are so pretty, I would be afraid to use them, lest they get ruined.

    Your garden sounds wonderful. Ours has done fairly well, except for our sweet corn. Something happened to it, and it's very depressing, because it's what I was looking forward to the most!

  13. Love the clothespin bags...the material is so fun and uplifting I bet hanging laundry will be snap!

  14. Those chlothespin bags are just beautiful!

  15. Whenever I see that fabric I covet. Enjoying your blog!

  16. I love your blog! You always have something that inspires serenity...your clothespin bags are beautiful, your crocheting is beautiful...


  17. Sewing, gardening, picking berries, sounds like a perfect summer xoxoxo CLarice

  18. Wow those blackberries are huge! Ours are so much smaller and the chickens like to pick the ones off the lower branches.

    The clothespin bags are adorable... you do such nice work!

    enjoy your weekend! :)

  19. The berries look great! I can't wait for mine to get ripe. I always make jam. Then I save some for coppler and pies.

  20. Yikes, my berries were ready the first two weeks of June. they're nothing but a distant memory now, but I did put some up!

  21. Those are the cutest clothespin bags ever!

  22. I love your clothespin bags. As with all of your creations, they are beautiful. I also the blanket you pictured in your last post - the colors are so pretty together.

    One question - How in the world are you managing to freeze the blackberries as you pick them? Mine would all be in my tummy! I cannot resist fresh berries, still warm from the sun.

  23. Those clothes pin bags are so pretty.

    Our garden is finally producing as fast as I can process it. I have some beans ready to get into the freezer right now.

    God bless.

  24. It looks like you really had a very lovely day. I am glad that you are picking so much veggie in your garden. For sure, all of those are very fresh and crunchy to eat. Yummy!!!


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