Thursday, November 19, 2009

a little woodworking ~ a new plate rack

Now that the colder weather is here, I have been coming up with all kinds of little indoor projects that I want to accomplish.
I recently saw some wooden plate racks from Crate & Barrel and thought some small ones would be great to hold the mismatched plates I use at tea time. I knew I could make my own with scrap trim and dowels we already had on hand.
First off, I found some oak strips 3/4" x 1/2" {anything similar would work} and a couple 1/4" diameter dowels.
Since Mike was around, he got to use the power tools--he cut two pieces of the oak to a length of 8 inches, and I sanded them...

We then cut the dowels to 4-inch lengths--12 of them altogether...

I got to sand them...

We connected the wooden strips with 2 of the dowels, by drilling 2 holes on one side of each piece of oak--the holes are about 1 inch from each end...

Using some wood glue, I connected the two oak strips by inserting the two dowels into the drilled holes.
Then I marked out the holes along the top of each strip of oak. My holes are spaced about 1 3/8 inches apart--5 holes along the top of each strip...

Using wood glue, I glued the dowels into place...

...and let them dry overnight.
It's a small rack, but can easily hold 8 plates--two in each of the 4 sections...

I love it, and it's working out great!
I even have some more materials left, so I think I may make another...


  1. Love this idea Deb. I do that too - see something in a store or catalogue and then show my hubby :-)

  2. How would my husband justify all those wood working tools if I didn't give him great projects like this one? Great idea!

  3. Wow great job! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.


  4. The plate rack looks great! It is very decorative as well. :) Lovely dishes. :)

  5. This would be perfect for some mismatched dessert plates I have!
    Great idea, Deb.

  6. Great idea. I don't think mine would hold up so well. LOL


  7. How Great is that! I love using materials that we have to do such cute things!

  8. You are seriously so creative! I love reading your blogs and seeing what you have dreamed up next. I would like to share tea with you and "steal" some of your creativity! Are you a tea person? You seem as if you would be.

  9. You did a great job and your pretty plates look nice in it. You should make some for Christmas gifts.

  10. I love those mismatched plates (I use several myself for everyday eating) and the teamwork you two had- doing this little project- is great.


  11. I love it!!!! What a great job you did!

  12. What a fun idea! They looks really nice setting on your counter.

  13. What a fantastic idea! I Love it!

  14. Great idea!! Your plates look fabulous on your new rack!!
    DeWalt saw, I see!!! Quality tools make all the difference!! At least that what I tell myself when I visit my LQS!!;o)

  15. What a great idea. The power tools look seriously intimidating. How lovely to have worked together with your other half, even if you were relegated to 'Sander'!

  16. What a great idea! It looks fantastic and how convienent to have them right at your fingertips.


  17. Cool, how fun, thank you xoxoxo Clarice

  18. great job! i love all your pretty plates. you've inspired me to go hunting for some of my own so I can eat my little muffins with my nightly coffee in style!

  19. Great idea. I wonder if I could talk my husband into giving up some of his dowels to make me a couple.

    God bless.

  20. I really enjoyed your blog and all the goodies you shared. Your home and handmades are lovely. I added your blog to my list and I'll be back to visit.

  21. I loved the rack...great for mismatched ones...but my heart beat a little faster spotting the Blue Willow in the background...ahhhh


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