Tuesday, February 19, 2013

waiting for Spring


Despite the snow and cold, there are hints of Spring...the sunshine is a bit brighter, and it is still light out when we sit down to dinner.  The geraniums over-wintering inside cannot wait to get outdoors, and outside I see tulips, daffodils, and allium beginning to push up through the snow.  Last week, three bluebird couples were seen on the pasture fence posts and were checking out the bird houses.

Though we had a perfect snow cover this past weekend, it was just too bitter to venture out on the skiis...instead we cleaned the basement, cooked some homemade spaghetti sauce, made lemon cake, and played Scrabble.  Some of us napped...

I am ever so slowly finishing up the last elann mitt, which somehow I thought would be done for Christmas...maybe I'll have it done in time for her birthday at the end of this month; with winter sure to stretch through March, at least they will still see a little use.



  1. Spring flowers in the home, beautiful. I have yet to try this.
    I so like your covered rocks, you may want to make a few for the shop because I would buy a few. :)
    Lemon cake....mmmmmmm.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Love that sleepy dog.

  3. Love your dog.... how sweet.

  4. I love the dog, so comfortable.

    I am working on three sweaters that I had planned on having done for Christmas. Now...well they will be Easter gifts for the men in my family.

    God bless.

  5. We too are waiting for the spring, but the snow keeps coming.
    I love your little crochet covered rock, my s.i.l was just asking me last week if I could make her some.
    Your dog looks so comfortable, I would like to come and pat his lovely little head! our beautiful dog died on saturday evening and we are missing her so badly.

    1. Thank you Emma! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog...our pets certainly do steal our hearts, don't they. Best wishes...Deb

  6. I do hope you're right about Spring! If we can just make it through February... Love your photography!

  7. Lovely photos, sweet little pooch. I thought I was the only one who never got my needlework done in time! Sure looks pretty, even if it is a little late. 19 more days until day light savings! xoxo

  8. Wonderful spring! Don't we appreciate it all the more because of the snow and cold? Your photos are so lovely.

  9. Dog looks sleepy and mitts look warm,cozy and beautiful,we had some snow yesterday but it did not settle.

  10. Sun and snow are quite magical. I envy your dog, nothing I like better than a nap in the sun.

  11. love your doggy...he looks so comfy waiting for spring, and maybe, dreaming of rabbits in the spring??

  12. I love all of your photo's. It is spring-like weather here now in California... So enjoying it!


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