Wednesday, July 09, 2008

some thrifty thinking

Thrift seems to be foremost on my mind here are some ways I've been trying to save:

My dad, knowing I'll try to refurbish most anything, brought me two of these Pier One director chairs that someone was throwing away. The canvas was terribly faded & worn, but the wooden frames were good...

I gave them a few coats of spray paint (bought on sale with a rebate) and sewed some new seats & backs with leftover denim & canvas I had on hand. I know...the seats look 'a bit' saggy (I used the old ones as a pattern) and some alterations are needed, but we now have two 'new' chairs for the deck.

I finished #2 summer top (Simplicity 3835) with some clearance rack fabric. I used the sleeves from the dress version. (Here I'm holding the little one for whom I made the dress and booties...)

The strawberries in our garden are winding down, so yesterday I made some strawberry jam. I recycled some Bonne Maman jars even though the canning books didn't recommend it, and the jam sealed up just fine...

And even mealtimes have been more thrifty with ingredients from the garden...Monday night we had a garden salad with leftover (free) venison steak and I made some zucchini muffins. Last night we had this beans and rice dish which was really good and some homemade bread ... thrift is good!!

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. I love your it easy to make...for us beginner sewers???


  2. That's a lot of great thrifting!! I love how the chairs turned out. Wonderful that they didn't end up in the landfill!

  3. Outstaniding jar lids!!!! Great Top too....

  4. wholefoodsfamily.wordpress.com5:36 PM

    Wow! The chairs look amazing. And yes, thrift is good... I'm a thrifter myself. Sort of an "eco-thrifter" if there is such a thing. Eating right can be hard to do when you are also trying to be thrifty!

    Glad to know the jars worked well for your jam, too.


  5. Thrift IS good. I made your zucchini muffins again this morning. Mmmm..

  6. I love director's chairs but I have never re-seated and re-backed them as you have done. I usual cover them with chair covers. Job well done!

    Blessings and bliss

  7. I have some chairs similar to yours that I was just thinking about painting (not even 30 mins ago). Did you have to remove the hardware? It seems like a pain to me.

    (Also, I made beans and rice and homemade bread today. Seems like a parallel lives post.)

  8. I had some chairs like that that I painted one time, also. To tighten up the seat and backs I got them really wet, while on the frames, then when the fabric dried it shrank and fit might try it?

  9. Great job on the chairs, they look brand new...
    Mmmmm, that jam looks yummy...

    Jodie :)

  10. A most eXcellent job refurbishing those chairs ~ they look great! Creating something useful and beautiful from "trash to treasure" is my favorite sport! Eating from the garden is also a delight. Well done.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    I love coming to your blog and seeing all that you create. Making things from treasures found just makes you feel good all over.

  12. It's always a good feeling to recycle and reuse and yours turned out great. Looks like a great place to sit back and enjoy a summer evening. That sweet baby is adorable and I bet the dress and booties added to her sweetness. Strawberry jam on fresh bread - yummmmm


  13. Thrift is good!
    It's wonderful that you had enough strawberries for year. I've always been tempted to recycle those jars/lids but canners can make you paranoid about these things. I once watched Delia Smith make jam on her tv show years ago and she just put some sort of paper product over them, which didn't look like a seal at all. I was horrified :)

  14. Ahhh love all the pics as usual:-) I have often wondered about using the jars for canning--there so dang cute I hate to toss them..LOL!The top came out very nice, cotton? Looks cool.

  15. In this day and age (high fuel and food costs) thrift has to become a way of life dosen't it? I'm always looking for another way to save.

  16. You are SOOOOOO talented - you are such an inspiration!!! I love coming to your blog and seeing what new projects you are working on...and I'm never disappointed!!!

  17. Oh I love the simplicity of the all white. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer. oxoxox Clarice

  18. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Between your post, some other blogs and my own shelf of Bonne jars, I'm thinking that they are the best re-used packaging out there!

    I'm looking forward to seeing that sweet baby you are holding again when she can wear the gnome outfit. That was a cute high that has lasted ever since! --Vicki K

  19. What wonderful summer projects, thrifty as well as pretty.

  20. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Isn't wonderful to make something beautiful that someone else considered trash? I just love those kind of projects.

    The chairs look really nice. Your top looks just as comfortable as it looks on...

    Thank you again for sharing.


  21. Great rescue! What's not to love about a crisp white director's chair?

  22. I got those exact same directors chairs from my father as well. I too gave them a new coat or two of paint and made new bottoms and backs with some green canvas I had laying around. We love them and take them camping all the time.

    Your blouse turned out just lovely. I really like the print.

    God bless.

  23. Toni from NC9:24 PM

    I agree~Thift IS Good!

  24. Thrift looks super healthy too. Good job.


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