Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the baby fan dishcloth

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to get some
practical household items made...dishcloths,
swiffer socks, bath mitts, washcloths...maybe
even a tea cosy if I get that far.   
My goal is one item a week,
though that may be wishful thinking...we'll
see how it goes.
Some of my dishcloths are looking a bit ratty,
so I started there.
I've never knit a ripple pattern, so in the
interest of learning something new
I dug out my copy of 
and came up with this,
the baby fan dishcloth... 

If you would like to make one,
my instructions are below.
My disclaimer::my notes are not
always the greatest,
so if you notice any errors,
please let me know ~ thanks!!

Baby Fan Dishcloth

Approximately 7.5 inches x 8 inches

Worsted weight cotton yarn
US #7/4.5 mm straight needles ~ or size to obtain gauge
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Not critical—my gauge was about 4.5 sts per inch

This pattern is a tiny version of the Feather and Fan stitch.  So many stripe possibilities and a great way to use up small amounts of cotton yarn; or go ahead and make it in a solid color if you don’t want to have to weave in all those ends—either way you will end up with a very pretty dishcloth that is simple to make.

With US 7 needles, cast on 35 stitches. 

Follow this stitch pattern:
Row 1 (RS):  Knit 1, knit 2 tog twice; *(yo, knit 1) 3 times, yo, (knit 2 tog) 4 times—repeat from * twice; (yo, knit 1) 3 times, yo, (knit 2 tog) 2 times, knit 1.  
Row 2 (WS):    Knit all stitches.
Row 3 (RS):     Knit all stitches.
Row 4 (WS):    Purl all stitches.

Starting with Row 1, work these 4 rows 13 times, or as many times as desired.

Bind off and weave in loose ends.

Thank you so much, 


  1. thank you...looking for a little something to do, this is perfect.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. Last night I was looking at my many partial balls of cotton yarn, left over knitting dish/washcloths for Christmas gifts, and was thinking I need to figure out how to use them up...and now I know. Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful pattern!

  3. Like those who commented above, I have leftover cotton yarn from Christmas giving of dishcloths, so now off to cast on this pattern to use up the yarn. Thanks for giving us this pattern. Your choice of colors is beautiful.

  4. That's a great goal! I love your first dish cloth. The pattern and colors are really pretty. Happy knitting!

  5. Lovely! I have made you other dishcloths and I am pretty sure this one will be next. Thanks for sharing your pattern!

  6. Thank you Deb! I make your dishcloth patterns exclusively.

  7. I've been on a dishcloth jag myself - completed a lot for Christmas presents. Swiffer socks is a GREAT idea and I will have to go look for that pattern.

  8. This is the prettiest dishcloth I've ever seen.
    I'm not a great at crochet, but for some reason
    I do OK with scallops. So I might just be able
    to make these!

  9. Such a pretty dishcloth...I love the colors you chose. Blessings

  10. I love your goal! Weirdly enough, the simple things I knit -- dishcloths, facecloths, cozys for my hot water bottles -- are the projects that make me the happiest. I love this dishcloth. So pretty!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration...Swiffer cloth? Never thought of that but I love the idea!

  12. That is absolutely lovely. Thank you for the pattern. I'm anxious to get started.

  13. That is much too pretty to clean with! Love it.

  14. Thanks for sharing your pattern! I made several of your waffle knit dishcloths to give as Christmas gifts along with a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's dish soap and everyone loved them!

  15. Just love the simplicity yet detail of this pattern. Although I love dishcloth patterns there are by far the best! I've done the waffle and french petite are my fav so far. Can't wait to knit this one! Only one does one part with them or use them?

  16. Thanks so much for the pattern. I am going to get busy right away!

  17. Thanks so much for the pattern, these look great. I've been knitting dishclothes using hemp for knitting. It is anti bacterial and anti fungal. I may try and use it to make one of these, nit sure how it will work.
    JAnet K

    1. Janet, I just started a bath mitt using hemp. I've never used it before for knitting, so I can't wait to see how it works out...Deb

  18. Thank you for the new pattern! I'm just finishing my first one and I love it. I've made at least a hundred of the waffle one, so it's fun to do a new design. Thank you so much for your generosity. :-)

  19. I just made this with Liily Sugar'n Cream Country Stripes. It looks like ocean waves . . . at least that's what I'm going with. Thanks for sharing your creativity. It's an easy, quick, and very pretty pattern.

  20. Hello...
    Thank you for this very pretty dish cloth. I am wondering if it is possible to make a tea towel to match it, and if so, how would you suggest that I do this. I would like to make up some sets to give as gifts.
    Looking forward to getting a reply, and once again thank you.

  21. I am a beginner knitter. I started to knit when I was a severe attack of eczema. It calms me down and I was less itchy. It is meditating. All these patterns with different combination just fascinate me. You see the pattern comes alive. It was the anticipation.

    I decided to challenge myself with this pattern. So far, I am still failing. I will keep trying.

  22. I love the yarn you used. Could you please share what yarn you used. Thank you in advance.


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