Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitted Mug Cozy Pattern

For all you ladies who would like to knit your own mug cozy, I have come up with these instructions. If you find any errors, please, please let me know...a pattern-writer I am not.
Happy Knitting!

Diagonal Mock Cable Mug Cozy

Pattern Stitch:
“Cross-Over on Two Stitches, Right—Knit
(Cross R)—often called a ‘Mock Cable’
Insert the RH needle into the front of the 2nd st from the point of the LH needle and Knit it. Do not slip it off. Knit into the front of the 1st (the skipped) st and then slip both sts off together.”
*The Complete Book of Knitting by Barbara Abbey

Using US size 10 (6mm) needles and two strands of worsted weight wool, CO 42 stitches.

Rnd 1: K4, [Cross R, K2] 9 times, K2.
Rnd 2: Purl across.
Rnd 3: K2, [Cross R, K2] 10 times.
Rnd 4: BO 5 stitches knitwise, P34, P2tog. (36 sts)

Rnd 5: Slip 1 knitwise, [K2, Cross R] 8 times, K3.
Rnd 6: Slip 1 purlwise, Purl to end.
Rnd 7: Slip 1 knitwise, [Cross R, K2] 8 times, Cross R, K1.
Rnd 8: Repeat Rnd 6.
Rnd 9: Repeat Rnd 5.
Rnd 10: Repeat Rnd 6.
Rnd 11: Repeat Rnd 7.
Rnd 12: Repeat Rnd 6.
Rnd 13: Repeat Rnd 5.
Rnd 14: BO knitwise, leaving the last stitch on needle.

To make button loop, I knit a 5-inch I-cord: Slip the last stitch from your needle to a dpn—you have two strands and need one more—so pick up a stitch to the left of your existing stitch, using just one strand of your working yarn. [Cut the other strand, leaving a 6-inch tail to weave in later.] You should now have three strands of wool [three stitches] on your dpn and a single strand of working yarn hanging from the left. Now, slide the stitches to the right end of the needle. With the yarn still hanging from the left, knit across using your other dpn. Be sure to pull the yarn tight when you make your first stitch so the fabric rolls in on itself. Switch the needles in your hands without turning your work, and slide the stitches [on your left needle] to the other [right] end of the needle. Continue knitting for 26 rows total. {You could make this shorter or longer as need be; the loop is designed to go over the mug handle.} Cut yarn, leaving a 12-inch tail, and pull through the three stitches on needle. Thread strand of yarn through a tapestry needle and sew I-cord end to cozy to form a loop with the beginning of the I-cord.
If this makes absolutely no sense, I apologize. You could always crochet a button loop.

Now, you need to attach the two sides of your mug cozy. You will just sew together the side edges of the first few rows up to the Rnd 4 bind-off. This forms the section that will be under the handle of your mug.

Slide the cozy onto your mug and determine where your button placement should be in respect to the button loop. Sew your button on with some of your yarn.

Weave in all loose ends of yarn.


  1. "a pattern-writer I am not"

    Oh, I don't know about that! You did an awfully good job writing the waffle dishcloth pattern, one of my favorites.

    I can hardly wait to have time to set aside to knit one.

  2. What an adorable mug cozy! I'm not the best one to test patterns so I'll leave that to the more experienced! Thanks for sharing. It must be fun to make up patterns like this one!

  3. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Thank you for the pattern! The mug cozy is darling, I can't wait to make one for myself.

  4. This is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

    Jodie :)

  5. Anonymous6:01 AM

    That is just so cute! It makes me wish I was a more talented knitter.

  6. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Thanks for the instructions it's so cute. One day I'll be able to make one myself.


  7. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Thank you for sharing...I think these are going to be Christmas presents to my coffee drinking friends.



  8. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I can't wait to start one up.

  9. I love the mug cozy! Thank you for making up the pattern... you have a generous-giving heart.

  10. Deb, thanks for the pattern.

    God Bless.

  11. Thank you for sharing your pattern. It's getting Fall cooler her in Michigan and I've got to dig out those knitting needles now.



  12. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I can't wait to make some as Christmas gifts. I think they will be adorable wrapped around some mugs filled with goodies.

  13. Dear Deb,
    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I will have to try making one. They are so sweet!

  14. Hi Deb!

    What a lovely creation! Sooo right for me, owing to the fact that I drink a lot of warm drinks. For tea, coffie or hot cocoa. It is perfect! However, I can not knit, well, I don`t know how I do it anymore :)
    I was just sitting curled up at my sofa, embroidering. I have gathered Inspiration from the forest nearby,and from a couple of my plants. A bit organic this time..
    Your blog has as always a warm and charming feeling to it, love that!

    I hope the days are good. Don`t you just love this time of the year?
    I love beeing Home again, I am really Happy Deb :)

    Hugs from me

  15. Super cute, thanks for posting the pattern! Love the waffle dishcloth pattern also. Thanks!!!

  16. Nice pictures and nice blog.

  17. How pretty! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!

    (Laura and Elizabeth)

  18. What a cute cozy!! Thanks so much for the pattern! I love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and I look forward to checking in each day!


  19. Oh this is the sweetest thing ever! I am so trying to make this.
    I think I will start it on Wednesday! I'm going to link the directions back to you from my blog so that I won't lose them. I hope you don't mind if I do that. I'm never quite sure of the ettiquite on these things.

  20. Anonymous5:20 AM

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  21. Thanks, Deb. I found you through Nancy of Nancy Matters blog. I appreciate your tutorial for the Knitted Mug Cozy and the quilted hot pad. Thank you for sharing.
    I'll be back! Hope you can visit me at Brynwood, too!

  22. I was reading through this and am new to the I-cord concept (and knitting in general)... I got a little confused in your button loop directions. Are you saying you do a 3 stitch I-cord and the 3 stitches are...
    -the last stitch from the cozy
    -the second to last stick (that you BO)
    -a YO (yarn over)from you remaining working yarn?

    I can definitely improvise this but I was just curious...

  23. I love the mug cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Oh, I can't wait to try and knit this adorable coffee cozy! Such attractive stitch work on this. Also I want to try your Aunt May Washcloth. I will be sure to link your blog to them if I do!

    Now to check put the rest of your great blog!

  25. nice post thank u for sharing.

  26. ItsaBritThing1:25 AM

    I have tried everywhere to find a cupcake cozy pattern any idea where i could find one?

  27. Here's one:

  28. Emma Birer5:14 PM

    Love this so much i had to pin it....

  29. I love the design! One suggestion though - since the directions say "Rnd 1" this implies circular (joined) knitting. In fact, it is knitted on straight needles, so it should say "Row 1," etc. I made a big mess before figuring this out.

  30. I made two of these for Christmas gifts. The pattern works super well. Thanks so much!


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