Thursday, April 20, 2006

Corners of my home

This is a corner of my living room right next to the woodstove, so a cozy spot in the winter months. The chair, which was actually bought new, and the ottoman, a hand me down, are both slipcovered in white twill. The mirror, pillow, baskets and needlepoint footstool are all garage sale finds. The baskets are very useful for holding all my knitting needles and stash of yarns.


  1. Lovely chair! A nice corner of your home. The baskets was fine too. I love baskets, and have a lot of them in my house. In the kitchen, bedroom, hall and bathroom.

  2. Debbie, your chair is so pretty with that needlepoint pillow...I love white and floral together..just like that! I have a couple of those baskets that I use to store things in my craft room. I like how you've stacked them...I'll have to keep my eye out for more. Thank you too, for the nice birthday greetings that you left in Merryville yesterday. It made me happy to hear from you!

  3. Hello I love your chair and ottoman. I also have a white slip covered couch. Which everyone thinks I am crazy to have. But i can pull it off and bleach it anytime I need to. I love white.
    Clarice Fox-Hughes


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