Thursday, June 29, 2006

Corners of my Home ~ Back Porch

A favorite spot in the summer is our back deck which runs the length of the house and adjoins the swimming pool. French doors from the living room and dining room, and the screen door from the sunroom open out onto it for easy access.
I love screen doors ~ the sound of it slamming closed is a welcome sign of summer. An old store bell mounted in the top corner also jingles everytime someone passes in or out. Next to the door is an old school desk which belonged to my husband's family. Names of aunts, uncles, and cousins are carved into the desk top, where I have set a watering can of pansies.

I love old wicker rockers ~ we have a few rockers and a glider out here, as well as our picnic table.

Below is a favorite, though somewhat rickety wicker planter...

Sitting by the steps is this cement trough of coleus...

It was a fun project I did a few years ago. I had seen some really pretty ones for sale, but they were also somewhat expensive. So, I learned how to make them and this is my attempt ~ not the prettiest I've seen, but I really would like to try making some more someday...
If you are interested in making one, I found some directions here .

Thank you, everyone, for visiting. I love reading your comments and visiting your blogs. I wish I could visit everyday and there are some of you, whose blogs I still want to check out ~ sadly my computer time is limited in the summer with so much outdoor work to be done and a camping trip next week...I'd better get packing!

Have a great day!


  1. Your planter is interesting, who would ever have thought they could be made. I probably won't get around to trying it...but I'm glad you did..I like seeing it filled with your beautiful coleous...which I love. I wintered some over as houseplants.

  2. Debbie, I have one question, when I come visit and sip some lemonade with you on your porch?LOL Your porch is so inviting and I love the old desk that was in your husband's family. I think it is so neat that the family have carved their names in it. That's what I love about anitiques, the history and stories behind them! I also loved your watering can idea. I have the same thing sitting on my porch at this very minute! You are right, we do love the same things!! We are still working on our screened porch, can't wait to hear my screen door slam as well. You are so right! Have a wonderful camping trip.

  3. Pretty. It looks so relaxing.

  4. Debbie, what a pretty and relaxing spot. I would be spending a lot of time reading there. I love how you used the school desk. I have been hoping to make a Hypertufa. I like yours. Have a relaxing Thursday. Clarice

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I love your summer corners. I, too, love a slamming screendoor. I replaced mine with one of those steel screen doors and it just doesn't carry the charm of my old wooden screen door. What color is your house? It looks like coffee with half'n'half.


  6. All the corners of your house are beautiful. How long have you lived in your home?

  7. Jody & Jenny,
    The house is a tan color with forest green shutters. We built it about 15 years ago. I really wanted an old farmhouse, but my husband was not up for all the work that might involve; so I do my best to give our new house an old farmhouse feeling.

  8. I love your porch! So inviting!

  9. Looks so inviting. The only thing I miss from my last house is the screen door and the back porch; although I love my front porch. I have a jug identical to yours sitting by a rocker. :)

    That's such an interesting planter. I really like it. Tim is actually talking about doing concrete countertops in our kitchen. Maybe I could talk him into just doing a planter. lol

    Everything is gorgeous, as usual.

  10. I like your old school desk and the rocking chair. It all comes together nicely and looks like a nice spot to relax on a summer's day. Doesn't sound like you are doing much relaxing though!
    I have an old wooden screen door too. I just painted it the shade of green that you commented on when you saw the shelf on top of my piano. I love that color green. Reminds me of all the old country things I like so much and it goes well with flowers.
    There is something about that particular sound that reminds me of when I was a kid and we always heard an adult say "don't slam the screen door" just as it would slam closed!

  11. Hello Debbie,
    I just wanted to say hello from Australia, your blog is wonderful and I love the way you share with others you I am sure are a kind, special person.

    I had to read several of your posts and will get back to read more soon.

    Your home is just so very lovely too.

    Thank you for the great pictures.
    best wishes

  12. Love your back porch photos....looks like a cozy spot to rest and relax in. :)

  13. Your back porch looks very nice and inviting. I like that wicker chair.

  14. I think you may have inspired me to make those planters! I love seeing corners of your lovely home. :)

  15. Debbie, Your porch is so inviting! Thanks for sharing your pictures. We, too, have an old screen door on the old farmhouse we live in. The door is a little crooked and doesn't quite fit tightly but I think that's part of its charm. Have a great time camping!
    ~* Kim *~

  16. This looks so quiet & relaxing!! How lovely!


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