Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my weekend...

It was a great summer weekend here. Friday night we went to the drive-in with our daughter to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a beautiful warm night so we sat outside. Saturday, Mike & I took a bike ride along the Erie Canal, stopped for breakfast, then rode home ~ about 13 miles round trip ~ and jumped in the pool. It was very hot & humid here!
Saturday and Sunday I worked on the polka dot and pom pom fringe book bag for the party on Sunday and then put some books in each bag for the kids. We had a nice time at the picnic which was at a lakefront cottage with a great cool breeze.
On Monday I enjoyed reading all your comments, and as I did I realized something...I forgot to take a picture of the polka dot book bag! I have been aggravated ever since that I forgot to do that, because I know when I visit blogs I love to see everyone's finished projects. Sorry, everybody :(
I did also get to a few yard sales over the weekend and here is what $12 bought me...

...a cement urn (I love urns!), the black iron candleholder which I bought because of it's interesting shape, the beautiful piece of china ($1 !),

and a brand new, still in the box, micro-go-round and a brand new in the package 100% cotton bedsheet which I didn't bother to photograph.


  1. Great finds for that price..!

  2. Just to let you know I have used my apron every day this week . I don't know how I managed before, it is wonderful.

  3. Oooh, I can't wait to see that movie. :0)
    Your yardsales finds are so pretty and a great bargain too!!

  4. Debbie do you realize what a killer deal you got on your china tureen. IT is gorgeous !!!!!!! Clarice

  5. The yard sales 'round your parts are a lot better than the ones around here!!!

  6. Glad you had a nice weekend.

    I just love your yard sale finds...I have not been to one yard sale this summer and I haven't even had the time to stop at my favorite thrift store either.

  7. I love the cement urn you found. I've beenlooking for things like that for my garden, but not having much success on the thrift store/garage sale front. Good for you for finding such neat things!

  8. Great pieces you have there!!


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