Wednesday, August 30, 2006

blogging blahs....

I've been putting off posting recently because I was feeling kind of blah, and I didn't really stop to think of 'why?' until today. On Monday, my daughter started college and on this coming Tuesday my son will be going back to school for his junior year. I'm no longer a home schooling mom, and even though I will enjoy more time for my own pursuits, this leaves a big, sad void for me :(
It was a great journey and I sure will miss it!
Anyway, I have been keeping very's that time of year for canning and freezing. I've been canning quarts of tomatoes and am doing another batch today. The other day we bought some peaches at a local farm stand and I made a pie...still lots more to be frozen.

I also have lots of basil which I would love to make into pesto and freeze...reading this post reminded me of that task still to be done.

The other day I cut hydrangeas for drying....

I have managed to start another purse to add to the shop, even though I haven't yet finished the quilted one...still not sure what I'm doing with the straps on that one...

And for those who didn't see this at A Happy Miscellany, here are the goodies sent to Mrs Staggs for my 100th post giveaway. I wanted to show you the keychain because it's a snap to make and I really love it; another great tutorial from Creative Little Daisy!

I hope you are having a great week!


  1. I understand the blah feeling..with all the rain we had this week..I was wandering about the house not accomplishing much..some, but not much. The sun was such a welcome sight today. Love that DS fabric....and the bag you are in the midst of making. Lovely!

  2. Your blog is always so inspiring! Your projects are all so great! How do you dry your hydrangeas? Do you spray a preservative on them after they are dried?

  3. The package was lovely Deb, thank you again.
    Your photos today are all really pretty.
    It's a bittersweet transition as our children grow into this new place in life. I'm thinking about you.

  4. It is a bittersweet time for you. I'm glad your son will still be with you a bit longer. My baby girl turns 20 next month and started her 2nd year at college today.

  5. Mrs. Huckabay5:16 PM

    How about some of those bamboo looking handles for the asian-inspired purse? You can buy them at any craft store, and I think they would be perfect.

  6. Dear Debbie, I am not quite there yet but most of my HS friends are. I have been watching them and those that handled it well seem to find a nice balance between not doing to much and taking time to reacquaint themselves with themselves and their interest. My dear friend who is handling this beautifully is finding the joy of homemaking, crafting, ect for just herself and no one else. I am enjoying these last few years I have, they go so quick. Love Clarice

  7. My youngest brother just went off to college and my mom is very sad. I will keep you in my prayers. ((HUGS)))
    The peach photo is just gorgeous and look at those hydrangeas!!! So beautiful!


  8. Oh. I know that feeling.

    It's so REAL.

    I have a grandson now. All that stuff we learned gets to be used again. If we can remember it.

  9. I bet it's a bit of a shock to be ending summer with no school to ramp up for. Then again, public school brings it's own things for which to prepare. (don't I know it!) Enjoy your time, if you can. :)

    This is one year that I'm ready for fall weather but not quite ready for school. (which is really an opposite reaction for me) I've enjoyed my boys so much this summer and I'll miss them when school starts. Noone can make me laugh like they do (except maybe Robin Williams).lol

    The keychain looks neat..and so does everything else. Whew..long comment..sorry.

  10. Love your blog & just found it recently, dont quit on us now!! Love your goodies, lucky girl!!

  11. Deb I hope you feel a little better soon. You are such a creative person I am sure you will use your time well and continue to make your home a place of learning for your family.

  12. The basket of hydrangeas is gorgeous!!! I have so few I never cut mine, but I really should. I love your site!

  13. you should totally make the pesto especially if you have lots of basil. So easy and yummy! :)

    p.s. your hydrangaes are lovely.

  14. you should totally make the pesto especially if you have lots of basil. So easy and yummy! :)

    p.s. your hydrangaes are lovely.

  15. I can understand how you are feeling because I felt the same way when my son left. Change is always hard so just take it a day at a time. It is okay to feel sad, that is normal. Things will get better, I promise!! You have so many interests and hobbies so just keep "being busy" with the things that you love to do! Sending you "big hugs."

  16. Anonymous5:10 PM

    No wonder you're a little bit blah. I remember when my eldest went to college -- dear me -- it was so very hard. You're entering a new season. Be kind to yourself.


  17. I also have blogging blahs sometimes and I understand yours! But seeing what a creative person you are you will surely get used to it quickly and come up with some inspiring ideas to fill your spare time!

    I love the basket with the hydrangeas, so beautiful! Haven't picked mine yet though.

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