Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Garden Walk pictures...

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind comments on yesterdays post; and thank you Jody and Cyn for giving me some great ideas for my big shortening tin/bin. It is still so hot here...not much crafting getting done...actually not much of anything getting done. The humidity in our house right now is registering that possible without it actually raining? :) I believe I know what it feels like in a rainforest.
Last weekend Mike and I went to a local Garden Walk. There were over 200 gardens listed and we only saw a fraction of them...the ones that we toured were beautiful. Next year I hope to go again and see more of the ones I missed.
Here are a few of my favorites:

There was a small neighborhood comprised of these cute brick cottages, some of which date back to the 1800's...

The homes were as fun to see as the gardens.

Below, a beautiful Victorian, where the owners were serving homemade peach iced tea...

This is another of the brick cottages...I love it!!! Could I possibly hope to duplicate these window boxes next year for my house?!

This garden was at a beautiful Victorian home, where the owners were both dressed up Victorian style, including a little black bowler hat for the husband and a lovely Victorian gown on the wife...

After the garden tour I had the desire to hit all the garden stores on the way home and buy up tons of plants. The heat, however, and my budget won I didn't come home with any new flowers, but lots of great ideas!


  1. Oh, how beautiful! I'm with you, I LOVE those lush, overflowing window boxes! Too, too pretty. Do you have window boxes on your home now? I'd love to see pictures, if you do!

  2. My Mike and I went on the BGW as well. We had a great time. This was our third year going. I think the cottage district is my favourite of all the neighborhoods. Did you visit the cottage that had the expanse of lawn and gardens in the back with statues of David, etc? It was like heaven!

  3. Just gorgeous. As I look ouy on my sleeping winter garden I wonder if my garden will ever look lush and full again.

  4. I love those window boxes too! Such inspiration!

  5. Dear Debbie, I wish you could come vist here and cool off. Love the gardens,thank you for sharing. Clarice

  6. Can you even imagine how much $$$$ those window box flowers cost??? incredibly beautiful. Something to aspire to. The heat has done a number on my own courtyard garden. Even with watering regularly, the scorching sun has gotten the best of them.

  7. Oh how wonderful, love the beautiful window boxes and the beautiful houses :)

  8. Wow, how beautiful! I love the plum colored house and window boxes. I'm so happy you shared these photos with us.
    I'm thinking of all of you in those horribly hot temps. Hope it cools down soon. So glad you have your pool!

  9. Wow, those gardens are beautiful ;-) Sounds so much fun to go on a Garden Walk.

  10. Anonymous8:36 AM

    How pretty!

  11. This is my first visit to your blog, followed by a comment link from mine. Thank you for including the garden walk pix, I loved taking the tour!

    The little floral pom pom bag in the previous post is really sweet too.

    Hope it cools down for you soon!

  12. So many ideas. I can imagine seeing it in person would really spark a bunch! Thanks for posting these.

    :::whispering:::it's Thursday, y'know.

  13. Oh, wow!! Those flowers are incredible!! Love the windowboxes!
    We aren't getting much done in this heat either. I keep saying "fall will be here soon" over and over. :0)


  14. Wow, the pictures are just beautiful. I'd love to go on a garden tour.


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