Monday, August 14, 2006

Yo Yo's & Vacation

Thank you all for the comments you left on the last post. It's been so nice to 'meet many new faces'.

Thank you so much for voicing your opinion regarding the gold mirror! ~ What was I thinking...painting it?! :) I do trust your opinions as you all have great style and taste. It's nice to know now that I can come to you all with my decorating dilemmas.

I am going to leave some extra time open to sign up for the zippered pouch giveaway. Tomorrow I am leaving on vacation, so when I return I will draw a name and announce it on Monday 8/21. It's just been a bit hectic getting ready, so I will have to keep you in suspense until then.

It's going to be a quiet, relaxing sort of vacation at the lake. I hope to do lots of reading, walking, and some sewing. I found a great tutorial at HellomynameisHeather for yo yo's and thought they would be the perfect take-along project. If you visit Heather's website, also check out the Perfect Pear pincushion ~ it's perfect!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I hope you have a great week as well Debbie....sounds like perfection to me, especially after the busy time you've had lately.
    Love that green fabric!

  2. Have lots and lots of relaxed fun. Ohh and have some sangria !!
    Blessing Clarice

  3. Thanks for the link - that looks like a neat project.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation!!

  5. Love yo yo's. Have a wonderful vacation.

  6. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I just discovered your blog and am so enjoying browsing through it looking at all your lovely photos and ideas! How do I sign up for the zippered pouch giveaway?

  7. Wishing you a relaxing trip.

  8. Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation!

  9. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Debbie, I've always wanted to do a Yo-Yo quilt and this tutorial was a perfect inspiration. Thank you!

    Have a splendiferrus holiday!

  10. Julie,
    I have added your name to the drawing.


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