Thursday, September 07, 2006

Corners of my ... garden

Although I love fall, I am not in a rush. Summers here are much too short so I want to enjoy it as long as possible. As I took my walk, though, I could see that fall will soon be upon us. The pears are ripening on my little pear tree...

Over the weekend I harvested the few pumpkins we had and some gourds...well they were supposed to be gourds, but I think they cross pollinated with the pumpkins. Next year I must remember not to plant them side by side...

The allysum and morning glories by the barn are in their final glory...

This little garden is just filling out....

And I know fall is near because I have begun to think about knitting. In fact, I found two patterns from Knitty that I can't wait to try ~ a hat for my husband [long overdue] and some 'Fetching' cabled fingerless gloves because I love fingerless gloves. I think tonight I will browse the yarn catalogs...


  1. Deb, your property is so beautiful. I wish I could take a nice stroll around and see it in all it's glory. What are your winters like where you live? Avg. temp and snow??

  2. Debbie your property is wonderful !! I love it. I to am feeling the knitting bug but I want to finish my embroidery. Have a lovely weekend. Clarice

  3. Those gourds are scarey. I was going to plant some this year but I'll plant them well away from the pumpkins. Don't you love late summer and early autumn when your fingers just itch to do some knitting. Have fun.

  4. Gorgeous! The pumpkin-gourds are cute. lol The pears look so yummy and your flowers are just beautiful.

  5. Loved your pictures...I, too, am trying to hold on to summer as long as possible. After all, I live at a place called Snowball Hill and for good reason too!

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! Summers here are way too short. Your garden looks wonderful. So much color left.

  7. I relly like the pumkins! We don't have such things growing in our gardens in Norway.

  8. Hi, I'm new to your blog and wanted to say hello and let you know how much I am enjoying it.

    "I'm enjoying your blog"

    Beautiful garden by the way!

  9. The pictures are lovely. I especially enjoyed your shade garden with the hostas, coleus and impatiens - just gorgeous!! Thanks, too, for sharing links to the knitty patterns. It's always fun to see what others are working on.

  10. Oh, your gardens are just beautiful!! Your pumpkins among the flowers are wonderful and allysum is one on of my favorite flowers. I love it's nickname. "Snow in summer." Thank you for sharing your wonderful garden with us.

  11. I loved your pictures, Debbie....especially the one with the pumpkins! :)

  12. Your gardens are beautiful! you likely have the same weather patterns as I do here in the midwest. As always, I look ahead to the possibilities for next year!


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