Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day weekend...

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Most of our weekend was rainy but yesterday the sun came out and we enjoyed a beautiful day here with family. My husband and I were up early and off to the flea market, and then in the afternoon we had family over for dinner ~ marinated chicken tenderloins on the grill, oven roasted garlic potatoes with thyme & rosemary, artisan bread, and tomato, mozzarella & basil salad. For dessert, my mom made a yummy chocolate pizza which the kids loved, and I made the Gateau Moelleux au Chocolat [french chocolate cake] that Clarice posted here a while back on her blog. It is delicious!!!!

I came home from the flea market with a bag of fabrics and this pair of curtains below ~ a tote bag maybe?...

Here are the fabrics I got...some mini prints, some vintage, a linen calendar towel, and a couple reproduction vintage childrens prints...

I also picked up this vintage tablecloth and a bag of zippers for 25 cents...

Last week, I think, Copper's Wife asked how I dry my hydrangeas, so here is a shot of them drying right now in my dining room...

I like to wait til late in the summer before I cut them; that just seems to work better for me. Then I just attach a rubber band to a small bunch of them and hang. I don't spray them with a preservative only because I'm not really familiar with any. My dried hydrangeas do lose their color over time and I have often wondered if there is a product that would prevent that?

Have a great day!!!


  1. Thank you for telling/showing how you dry the hydrangeas. My goodness, they look so lovely hanging from the dining room light fixture....I'd probably want to just leave them there!

    Your flea market fabrics are lovely!! I think the curtains would make a great tote bag!!

  2. Lovely fabrics! Looks like you had a nice weekend! :)

  3. Ohh I am so glad you liked the cake. Why can't I find this cool bark cloth around here. I need to move to your neck of the woods !!Clarice

  4. great idea, hanging the flowers from your light fixture...I may borrow that idea if you don't mind!!! Those fabrics are so pretty! Enjoy your day..blessings to you

  5. Oh my goodness, I need some of that cake to go with my coffee. LOL.
    What great finds! And your hydrangeas look lovely.


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