Friday, September 08, 2006

Work in Progress Friday

We've been having some beautiful weather here the last couple days, so not a lot of crafting going on. I'm still painting shutters and am also working on the doors...all getting a new color...and have quite aways to go. But in between I've been sewing up some tissue holders to add to my Firefly Farm shop. I made a bunch of these years ago for myself and as gifts. I started thinking about them lately and how they would be a good way to use up those small fabric remnants, both old and new. I have sewn up some and am in the process of adding a vintage button to each.
Now I'm off to mow the lawn.
Have a great Friday!


  1. What lovely tissue holders!!! You inspire me!

  2. It sounds like you are getting lots of work done around your place! The tissue holders are so sweet!

  3. Very pretty I really love the fabrics. Clarice

  4. I really like that tissue holder too! Nice fabric!

  5. These are so pretty you talented ,clever soul! Lovely!

  6. Sweet blue print! I am really just learning how to sew. I have a couple of apron patterns, and am really waiting for some "spare" time to sit and study them. Lovely photos.

  7. Donna7:50 AM

    I just discovered your websit. How beautiful. I love the things you sew. Thanks for sharing them.

    New England

  8. These wonderful! Such a lovely change from normal tissue boxes. Could you possibly give us a "lesson" on these?


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