Thursday, October 12, 2006

corners of my home...

For 'corners of my home' today I tried to find some evidence of fall decorating. I must admit I am sadly lacking in that department, especially after seeing the beautiful fall decorating pictured on so many of your blogs. So this morning I ran outside and picked the dahlia you see on my mantlepiece...

...and added it to the tiny white pumpkins I picked up last week at the grocery store. Usually I grow some of these in my garden...this year we only had orange pumpkins though. I am embarrassed to see that my silver candle holders are in desperate need of polishing.

I also added a some dried hydrangea blossoms...

The mantle clock was a wedding gift from an antique dealer friend, and it still runs when I remember to wind it. I love to hear the sound of it slowly chiming each hour...

The ferns have been brought inside for the winter, just in the nick of time. Today the first snowflakes were spotted in our area, and so before dinner I am going to get a nice fire going in the woodstove.

I decided to leave this fern in its cement urn and placed it on this table in the corner. Hopefully the gorilla glue I used to repair a wobbly leg will hold up to the weight...

Now I'm off to work on some more decorating ideas...


  1. Your house is sooooo beautiful! You decorate so nice , cant wait to see more!

  2. Debbie, I like the simple touches you added. It make the daliah and hydrangea stand out !! I will e-mail you but I can afford the bag now. I will write you. Clarice

  3. Debbie, the corners of your home are always so wonderful. It is something I look forward to every week. I am a clock collector so of course I love your clock. Your fern is so lovely on the stand and I like the picture above. Wish I could tour your home in person;) LOL

  4. I looked forward to seeing your white pumpkins this year. I think they are so gorgeous with all your dark woods. I love the elegance of your home.

  5. So pretty!! I also look foward to your corners each week! I love white pumpkin and fern!

  6. Anonymous1:35 AM

    It looks really nice, you`re really good at using simple things from your surroundings to make it look cozy and very pretty!
    I`ve never heard about a white pumpkin before :-) It looks lovely, very frosty and Christmas like.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  7. I love your mantle. It's so simple yet so lovely.

  8. I let my silver tarnish on purpose!! I rather like tarnished silver!! The simple moments in your decoration are lovely

  9. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    I thought I should answer your question here: The switch to beta wasn`t difficult at all! I really like to have the Categories :-) Just let me know if there`s any difficulties for you, if you choose to switch to beta, and I`ll try to help you!

  10. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing the corners of your home...thanks for sharing them!

  11. You're sp productive, so many lovely things you make! And just wonderful house, lovely pictures. I really enjoy visiting your page. HAve a great weekend!

  12. Wow, I really love that first image! Would you mind if i used it on a post (credited to you of course) on my Table Tales blog?

    Your blog is new to me, found it through Plain and Simple's, and I look forward to exploring it!

    Blessed Day Tomarrow : ) Wendy


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