Thursday, November 30, 2006

hen~housekeeping, a walk, a book cover

Wednesday was a gorgeously warm day for us for this time of year so it seemed a good idea to clean the henhouse. Out with the old and in with fresh new shavings for the floor and nest boxes. When I've finished the hens slowly make their way back in, stepping gingerly and looking all around as if they appreciate a 'clean house' and the fresh pine scent of the shavings.
Afterwards, I took a walk up the lane and a couple pictures. A bit bleak looking, but still beautiful I think...

Most of the milkweed pods have burst open and been scattered by the wind. I remember how much I loved these as a kid ~ opening them up to see the neat rows of seeds and all that white fluff...

I really like the book covers in Crafting Vintage Style by Christina Strutt, so I decided to make one the other night. It didn't take long. I used some of the same linen tablecloth that I had used for the potholder.

With some cotton twill tape I made a label and ties to close it. Now I have a place to keep pictures and notes of the projects I make.

Thanks to you all for your visits and kind comments!


  1. What a sweet hen house. You have a beautiful farm. I love your book cover with the twill tape label. What a great idea to keep a journal of all your creative items.

  2. A kindred spirit. I have 6 hens,4 Red Star and 2 Black Star. My husband just cleaned their pen a few days ago.

    Love all your pictures and your book cover turned out great.

  3. This is a beautiful post Debbie. I think there is something beautiful in every season and your photos reflect that. I like this quieter time in nature very much. It gives me time to pause from working in my garden to explore and reflect upon other things.
    I love this journal that you've created. It inspires me very much. I think I know now what I will use this months Joanne's coupon for. A set of alphabet stamps!

  4. You new notebook is lovely. I hope you'll enjoy keeping a project notebook as much as I love keeping mine. So fun to look back over past projects and see swatches of fabric, yarn, etc. Also good as a reminder of what I did to make something work!

    The hens look very content. My girls are hiding their eggs in the goat's hay feeder. Bad chickens!

  5. Corners of the hen home. hehe Looks very nice and clean. I bet they do appreciate it!

    The book cover is really sweet and the pictures aren't so stark considering it's December. We are actually hot here today.

    I have been making good use of my notebook. I just love it and it fits perfectly in my new little purse. Now I always have a place to jot things down and that helps calm my mind just a tad.

  6. I have fond memories of growing up with friends down the street who kept chickens. Collecting the eggs was just like a treasure hunt!

    Your journal cover is beautiful. I love the colours.

  7. I have fond memories of growing up with friends down the street who kept chickens. Collecting the eggs was just like a treasure hunt!

    Your journal cover is beautiful. I love the colours.

  8. My coop needs a good "shoveling out" just now, but it's so very cold here so I just laid some fresh straw on the floor and put new bedding in the nesting boxes. It'll keep for now.

    Cute book cover!

  9. Lucky lucky hens. I've been reading about the life of battery hens. So sad, so cruel. On a brighter note, I love your notebook. Well done.

  10. Bleak but yes very beautiful. Your book has come out really well. I will be getting our hen house ready soon for the arrival of 4 rescued ex battery hens in mid Dec.

  11. What a beautiful hen!

    There is so much beauty around us if we just take the time to look.

    Your book cover turned out very nicely.

  12. Fortunately, my henhouse got a much needed cleaning last week, as we got over a foot of snow in the past few days! Hens do NOT like snow.


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