Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent wreath and cornucopias

The advent wreath has become a tradition at our house. This weekend, from our pine trees, I gathered some greenery and attached it to a wire frame. I added pine cones, rose hips, and purple and pink candles, and it was all ready to light for the first Sunday of Advent. It's always placed on this sidetable in the kitchen, and every night at dinnertime the appropriate candle/candles are lit depending upon what week of Advent it is.
Each day I'm trying to fit in time for gift making and some holiday crafting. I've really been wanting to make cornucopias, so I put in the Nutcracker Suite cd and started on one. Inspired by Carol's really beautiful paper cones, I photocopied some old sheet music onto card stock and added a Santa image copied from an old Night Before Christmas book. I'm going to try and add the silvery pipe cleaner to the top edge once I get the cone glued together...
This is a paper cone I made last year using some heavy embossed wall paper...
I added some boxwood garland around the top and lined it with green toile patterned paper. I used cording I had on hand for the handle and glued on a button for decoration...
If you are interested, directions and a pattern for paper cornucopias can be found here.


  1. Your wreath is pretty and I love the cones. Can't wait to see the music cones when they are finished.
    (Hmmm, you should have been able to see a snowman box today...maybe you need to refresh?)

  2. The cone is gorgeous! Great idea too!

  3. The wreath is lovely and oh, your cornucopias are just gorgeous! I love the paper you chose and the trim is perfect!

  4. Your Advent wreath is very pretty, I use candles like that myself. I really like your cones too, thanks for the pattern.

  5. Oh I didn't know that you also call them cornucopias, an interesting new word to me! Your's look great too! Love the wallpaper you've used and the small boxwood garland too. I'm sure your sheet music-santa cornucopia will look wonderful too! I'm glad you've been inspired by my cone Debbie :D Thanks for the mention! I've just finished two more cones yesterday, it's addicting and everyone in my family wants one too now lol

  6. Larissa Stretton8:51 AM


    I just love your blog and read it often. You inspire me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us.


  7. Suzanne9:39 AM

    Debbie ,
    I knew great minds think alike..LOL! I have been working on cornucopia's too--one was for my Christmastide giveaway. I hope the lady who won doesn't read your blog:-)It won't be a surprise! Tasha Tudor always made these for her tree and filled them with clear toys (barley candy) and other homemade treats. Have you ever seen the trim from Tinsel Trading in NY-just gorgeous! Also, the German scrap die cuts on the cornucopia's are pretty too. Happy crafting! Your doing some really pretty work:-)

  8. I love your Advent wreath - and the cones are gorgeous.

  9. Debbie your cones are charming. We made some last year and love them. Clarice

  10. Your wreath looks lovely and I love the cones. I should have come here first today. I have been scouring the net for a cone pattern because I wanted to make these today. Thank you for the link. Maybe I'll make some late tonight after choir practice or tomorrow. I hadn't planned to line mine but now that I see yours, I may have to. :)

  11. Very pretty wreath and cones! Photocopied sheet music is a great idea! I have tons of that around here between my husband and I :)

  12. "Lovely, Lovely, Lovely" are my three words. Merry Christmas and thank you for making the site so enjoyable,Elisabeth in Georgia


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