Monday, March 12, 2007

the weekend

It was not a very exciting weekend (the men are getting over colds), but a good one nonetheless:
~a trip to the feed store
~painting the kitchen, of course
~some sewing & reading
~a couple movies, which sadly are not worth mentioning
~tea & a cinnamon roll at Panera after church
~a blueberry pie baked for Sunday dinner

Thankfully the weather has warmed to a high of 40 degrees. The girls decided that snow or no snow they were leaving the coop (some corn certainly provides extra encouragement). The more adventurous even flew over the fence for some free ranging and needed exercise.

A new clothespin bag has been sewn and added to the shop. I first saw this fabric at Vintage Pretties where Kim had posted a picture of it (and she has made a beautiful tote bag). I loved it, and when I was at Joann's I was lucky enough to come across it. Thanks, Kim, for the tip!
I finished this drawstring bag for the shop also...
Hope your weekend was good!


  1. Debbie, sounds like a perfect and relaxing weekend. I love your peg bags !!! xoxox Clarice

  2. I know I would love your shop from the goodies you share on the blog. And that pie is making my mouth water! :D

  3. Oh, I could just step through the screen and eat that pie. Your blog is very lovely and I have really enjoyed my romp through it! I subscribed and will read regularly.

  4. Yummy pie, one of my favorites.

  5. OMG, you have chickens!! I love going to Ireland, because I get to play with our Uncle's chickens :D Don't see to many in Chicago :(
    You pie has made me hungry, it looks delicious!! Your bags are really cute!!

  6. That pie looks very good - I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to be experiencing winter - all that lovely snow, snuggling up to watch movies, baking (and not minding if the kitchen gets too warm)! We are nearing the end of the hot weather here in Australia, my favorite season is just beginning - beautiful autumn.

  7. I love the peg bag! I'm going to make a pillow with the fabric as well.

  8. So! You have made some gorgeous iteams! And what a lovely weekend brak :) I also had an fabulous weekend myself, because of the weather i think ! I love your chicken!! :))

  9. Suzanne7:49 AM

    Debbie, gorgeous bags and as a proud owner of your clothespin bag I can attest to it's beauty and how happy with it anyone would be! Gosh, blueberry pie is my favorite dessert--I want some:-) Love the chickens too.

  10. I just love the clothepin bags, and the fabric you choose is just beautiful. The green stool fabric is my favorite. The whole stool is just the cutest.

  11. I stumbled upon your blog while surfing ill in bed. What lovely things! A very nice blog you have.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Your pie looks delicious and always enjoy seeing pictures of your chickens!

  13. Hello! just came across your blog...I enjoyed it! thanks for the great ideas..take care, Gail

  14. What a lovely weekend. I could eat some of that pie with custard now, or maybe with cream.. such a dilema (even though I haven't actually got the pie to eat !! He -He )

  15. I love seeing your chicken's. We used to have some but a dog wanted them one morning and we haven't had the heart to replace them.
    Spring has come to Idaho, but we did have frost this morning. Our Tulips are almost ready to open.
    Have a wonderful spring. Mary (Idaho)


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