Tuesday, April 10, 2007

how was your weekend?

We woke up Easter morning to a blanket of snow...

To console ourselves we stoked up the woodstove and enjoyed some cinnamon rolls, fresh out of the oven, with our tea...

And a bit of chocolate certainly helped as well...

Everybody's home for the week ~ a nice break for us all. I'll be working on the kitchen (the farmhouse sink is in!) and finishing up some sewing and knitting projects. I found some treasures at the thrift store yesterday and will post some pictures soon.

Take care.


  1. OM GOSH...Please share your Cinnamon rolls recipe! Love your photos, I always do! Tina

  2. Those cinnamon rolls!!!
    Breakfast at your home looks fantastic.
    Tracy x

  3. I just love cinnamon rolls though they aren't that popular in the UK. The snow looks wonderful if not quite seasonal.

  4. I can not imagine trying to Easter egg hunt in that snow ;-)
    Those rolls looks amazing. As soon as my tummy is back to normal, I will have to make some !!
    xoxox Clarice

  5. Oh my what a love sight! and i mean the Cinnamon rolls :) And not the snow!!!!!! Snow ?? Ugh...that was not what we were waiting for, was it ? Where is the Spring ? It`s not the best weather here in Holland either, but we don`t have snow, just a lots of wind. So much that the neighbours picket fence left the ground..ugh..Well, we did have a cozy weekend, and we have enjoyed lots of lovely food too. To much, eh...time to sport again :(
    Well, enjoy what`s left of the evening and of course the week! Greetings from Holland, Wave!

  6. Lovely cinnamon rolls and chocolates too - but the cushions just caught my eye - they are gorgeous!!!

  7. Those Cinnamon rolls look sooo good!!We also got hit with the white stuff!!:( Enough already!!

  8. MMMM....cinnamon rolls? Would you mind sharing the recipe?
    I can't wait to see your thrift store goodies. I was excited to find a glass butter dish this week. I realized, after Easter lunch, that I didn't have one...yet.

  9. Wow! That is some snow! It was cold here on Easter, but we didn't get any of the white stuff. Actually, we never get any.

    Those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious. I would love to try your recipe.

  10. Oh my, you had a white Easter! Good thinking on some making some cinnamon rolls to warm things up! They look delicious...I'm hungry now!!


  11. I'd say the cinnamon rolls were almost worth the snow. :)

    We had flurries but nothing like that.

  12. The snow is beautiful if not a bit untimely! I think having one of those cinnamon rolls with a cup of coffee and peering through the window at the beautiful snow might be in order.

  13. All that snow! Glad we didn't get that stuff and it's finally warmed up again. Yeehaw to that!!

    The cinnamon rolls look soooo yummy. My mouth is watering!!!

  14. Whew, I just had to go through all sorts of stuff to comment here today! I guess 'cause Blogger switched to Google? Anyway, here I am again!
    That is the sweetest looking Easter basket. So pretty and so are all of those needlepoint pillows. I've always loved those, especially the black ones.
    I used to make cinnamon rolls all the time, but haven't as much in recent years. You've inspired me to have another go at it. Thank you for another one of your great recipes!


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