Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~in the garden~

It's a sultry day here for May~warm, breezy, & humid~thunderstorms this morning, but now sunny~ so I went out to do some gardening & cut some lilacs. I had to get some pictures because I love all the purple, blue, & violet colors ...
And lilacs are probably my favorite flower of all. My lilac bush was taken from part of my late grandmother's before her house was sold; dug up for me by my dad. Grandma's lilac bush had moved with her at least three times over her married life. Sadly her huge old bush was chopped down by the new homeowners, so I feel very fortunate that a bit of it lives on for me to enjoy.
I cut a bouquet for the kitchen...
...and they smell heavenly!


  1. I also love the smell of lilacs. Nothing says Spring more that lilacs.

  2. I was wondering, how do you not get the bugs from the flowers inside when you bring the flowers inside?

  3. Oh I'm with you on the lilacs! They bring back so many great childhood memories...
    Because of the hot weather we had in the previous weeks here in Holland lilac season is already over but seeing your bouquet makes my day! Enjoy the flowers!

  4. Mrs Hurzeler, I guess I've been lucky~so far I've not seen any bugs on the lilacs. Debbie

  5. Such a great post! It is exactly what I was going to post today :-} but a little baby Dove came by to visit and he sat and let me take 9 pics of him :-}so I posted that instead. Our lilac is in full bloom now as well (doesn't it smell amazing)! How great that yours came from your grandmother's bush. We are experiencing the same weather as you too - thunderstorms all night, hot and humid today (28 degrees).

  6. what a great garden photograph of the lilacs & the chair among the violets...love it :)

  7. Your lilacs are just beautiful... for some reason mine didn't do that well this year. What a sweet treasure that you have part of your dear Grandma's lilac bush.

  8. Oh, your purple flowers are incredible!! The violets creeping under the chair are so beautiful!!!!

  9. So lovely! You take such wonderful pictures, Deb. We used to gather large bouquets of lilac when we lived in Maine. We even had a huge lilac bush right next to the front door of our little cottage that scented the kitchen so perfectly. I tried growing it at the home we just moved from ~ no luck. The plant did okay, but there were rarely any blooms! I tried several corrective measures but never pinpointed what I was doing wrong. Maybe I'll try again since we've moved because . . . I do love lilacs! :o) Gorgeous bouquet you have!

  10. They look SO PRETTY. I can almost smell them!

  11. Your violets are amazing! I'm in lilac heaven now too. Nothing like that fragrance when I step out my front door.


  12. I'm so glad that your dad saved part of your grandmother's lilac for you! It's a beautiful color and one of my favorite flowers and scents too.
    Love your violets!

  13. I came to you from Dawn's site.

    Just wondering if you know how the cutting of your grandmother's bush was successfully rooted? I would like to do the same thing but don't know how.

    Beautiful pictures, by the way!

  14. Purple is one of my favorite colors!! Your photos are great! I love the smell of lilacs but really shouldn't be around them :(

  15. So beautiful. I am bummed we do not have a lilac. I can enjoy yours (and it will not set off my allergies). Have a lovely Wednesday. Clarice

  16. Ohhh I am so enjoying my lilacs too! I have bouquets in every room!
    They smell heavenly!

    I had to smile when I saw your beautiful violets! Todays post is about my violets....my mum says they are weeds!

    I am adding you to my favorites...I have so enjoyed my visits here!

    Keep smiling,
    Hugz, Dolly

  17. I can almost smell those lilacs! I went to visit my sister in Wisconsin one May when her lilacs were in bloom, and bought lilac patterned pajamas to honor the occasion! It was silly, but fun. They are my favorite flower.

  18. They're gorgeous and that's so great that you were able to get a part of your grandmother's bush!


  19. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Your flower photos are lovely. Pansies were my Grandma's favorite and I can't look at one now without thinking of her. Thought you might enjoy this poem. Fondly, Diane

    Poem: "Stealing Lilacs" by Alice N. Persons, from Never Say Never. © Moon Pie Press, 2004. Reprinted with permission. ( buy now)

    Stealing Lilacs

    A guaranteed miracle,
    it happens for two weeks each May,
    this bounty of riches
    where McMansion, trailer,
    the humblest driveway
    burst with color—pale lavender,
    purple, darker plum—
    and glorious scent.
    This morning a battered station wagon
    drew up on my street
    and a very fat woman got out
    and starting tearing branches
    from my neighbor's tall old lilac—
    grabbing, snapping stems, heaving
    armloads of purple sprays
    into her beater.
    A tangle of kids' arms and legs
    writhed in the car.
    I almost opened the screen door
    to say something,
    but couldn't begrudge her theft,
    or the impulse
    to steal such beauty.
    Just this once,
    there is enough for everyone.

  20. Sooo pretty, I have never seen violets like that before, here they are retiring little beauties. Love the shade of your lilac too.
    Sandra. x.

  21. Beautiful! I can smell your lilacs! Love all the violets!

  22. Your flowers are so beautiful! I love the smell of lilacs, too. My mother planted a lilac bush in our yard this year and when it bloomed, you could smell it through every window of our house. It was just wonderful.

  23. You've been tagged...7 weird or unusual things about you... If you have already been tagged, just refer to the one you already did...

    I love Lilacs too. THhy are just starting to come out here but I am anticipating their sweet fragrance!
    Diana aka Farmer Di

  24. My goodness... SO gorgeous!!!

  25. Anonymous1:56 AM

    beautiful! i can just smell the lilacs! great pictures!


  26. zrsonhdHow nice that your lilac is descended from your grandmother's tree. In my garden I've got several plants that were cuttings from plants in my mother's garden, and hers in turn were taken from plants in my grandmother's garden. So several plants have become "traditional" in our family and are all from those originals I remember from my Granny's garden.

  27. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Lilacs are so beautiful and smell even better! Yours must be even more special coming from your grandmother's bush. It breaks my heart when I see a lilac bush chopped down. Your violets are lovely too. ♥

  28. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I wish I had smellovision on this computer!! I bet they smell even prettier than they look! How beautiful...

  29. Deb your flowers and photos are gorgeous! What a wonderful story of your grandmother's lilac bush. I'm so glad you have a part of it. xoxo

  30. Wonderful colours!

  31. What breathtaking flower pictures! Love them!

  32. I can't imagine anyone cutting down a beautiful old lilac bush, but then I couldn't believe that the people who bought my parent's place in the Hill Country of Texas, tore down their beautiful little cottage, and tore out 11 acres of peach trees, rose gardens, iris gardens, etc. to have a big house, a swimming pool, and pasture for their "exotic" animals.
    It is very sad. At least you have a cutting of the lilac, and I have six peach trees that my dad created.

  33. Yes i am shure it smells heavenly, and it also looks like a heaven! Great colour!

  34. Oh my gosh Debbie your violette field around that chair is to die for beautiful! Love your lilac too! Carol xox


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