Friday, May 18, 2007

~vintage sewing patterns~

On a recent visit to the thrift store, I ran across a couple boxes of old patterns. I came away with small box worth for just a couple dollars.
I like this dress, but what do you think about that collar?...

This one has some notes written on it dated 3/1972, though I'm sure a 25 cent pattern of this style must have been from a much earlier time...

This one appears to have been nesting material for a mouse family, I'm assuming by the tiny chew marks. It's a shame because the pattern doesn't seem to have been used. I'm optimistic that maybe I can salvage it...

Sixties maybe? I like the black and white version on the left with the little collar...

This pajama pattern was an Ebay purchase...

I thought these would be fun to make since I would really like some new summer pajamas ~ if I can get to it before summer is over.

If you have any interest in vintage patterns, here are some sites I found:

Patterns from the Past

Acme Notions Vintage Patterns

Lanetz Living

The eVintage Society

Out of the Ashes Collectibles

I promise to post pictures soon of some sewing projects I have actually finished :)


  1. Those are sooo cool! My goodness, you really have to have a teeny waist to wear that first dress, don't ya think! That'll be fun to actually make something from the patterns!


  2. I would make the dress{if I could sew} without the collar. Unless a person has very short hair a collar can keep your hair in a tizzy.

  3. The vintage sewing patterns were great finds!

  4. That is quite THE collar!! :o)
    I really love the pajamas..they look so comfy! You should make those for yourself right away!

  5. Just beautiful. I love that blue dress and the collar does not bother me. I can not wait to see pictures. Have a lovely weekend. Clarice

  6. It is fun how alot of those styles are coming back!

  7. Thanks for answering my question, Deb! I had almost forgotten I had asked it but am very thankful for the answer.

    I just dug up a rose bush last fall intending to re-plant it somwhere else but I forgot it and killed it. I felt bad but apparently had left a portion of the roots in the ground a new sprout has come up this year! I will have to move it later.

  8. Oops, that link won't work! sorry.
    Your comment was under "Mermaid for sale"

  9. nelda7:32 PM

    Great patterns! I really like the collar on the dress. It seems very flattering.

  10. Oh, lucky you! I love vintage patterns. I just ordered one for my daughter. I can't believe you found so many nice ones all in one place.

    You'll have to post photos of all the beautiful things you make.

  11. I love the vintage patterns! Can't wait to see one of your creations with it. I have some old 1950's knitting patterns. You can't beat the oldies!

  12. OH DEB !! This is just what i ment last time, i also have collected a few of those and doesn`t they look just amazing pretty? I do have a plan to make one, but you know, the time, the time...I still have a few projects going on, but they will soon be finnished, then i will makea lovely apron for myself :) I am sooo looking forward to se your projects finnished!
    Have a nice weekend Deb :)

  13. I just recently started picking up older patterns. I don't sew, but I love the graphics and look of the older ones. Just passed up an entire box at a Salvation Army for $2. I think I'll go back to see if they are still there. If you make the pjs please share them with us. Thanks so much Deb for the links. xoxo

  14. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Wonderful patterns! I especially like the second one. Did you notice that it has "1940 corduroy" written above the 3/1972 notes? Thanks for sharing the links.

  15. What wonderful vintage patterns! I really like the first dress especially the collar.

  16. Butterick 3740 is circa 1965 - 66. Based on the number, font type and fashion. Great to find another vintage sewing pattern fan!
    owner of
    Patterns from the Past

  17. sharon1:56 AM

    Those jammies are great. I would love those myself.My mom used to make all four of us girls clothes when we were young.

  18. Just adorabele finds! It will be nice to see your sewing projects!

    I found your blog recently and I think it's very interesting and full of beauti. :)

  19. They're wonderful!
    Vintage images are always pretty... And these ones reminds me of some vintage pictures that hangs on one of the walls in my grandma & grandpa's attic ;-)

    Best wishes,

  20. Gorgeous patterns, I think I like the second and third ones the best. The collar on the first suits the dress, you could always make it a little smaller. Good luck.

  21. Love the vintage fashions!

  22. I've been going through a vintage pattern collecting thing lately, too :)

    on the first pattern, I love the collar with the sleeveless version...on the sleeved version, I would probably like to see the collar slimmed down a little...

  23. Oh wow...I love those

  24. These look like fun! I think the collar on the one is fine, but would also look cute without it.


  25. I love all of these and would just love to have the finished articles in my wardrobe, but would they suit me, I don't know.

  26. Kathi Winter8:18 AM

    Oh how fun! My daughter Jessica needs to see these. She loves vintage things, as I do too. Thank you for sharing. Kathi


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