Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday 'good things'

Today I needed to grocery shop and stop at the library. I like to head out early and was at the store by 8 AM and at the library as they were opening. It was a good day for the sale cart ~ brand new copies of Hobby Farm Home, do it yourself, and Martha's Everyday Food for just 25 cents a piece...

My 'poolside' embroidery is coming along. The last two evenings have also been spent on the glider, so one tea towel is finished and this one I hope to have done by the weekend...

The new kitten has a name, finally...Pia. Stephanie looked it up after I named her and found it means pious and reverent, which I guess is fitting since she was born on Good Friday. Not that her behavior is such; it was all I could do to get this picture of her today...
If you haven't tried the Lorna Doone Spoon Pudding yet, you must! It's delicious. I found this out from Tina, who has posted the recipe ~ thanks so much, Tina, my family and I had this for dessert tonight and it was a huge hit. I only made two changes, because I love homemade pudding and whipped cream I did make them from scratch. Although my kids can't imagine why anyone would want to stand for 20 minutes stirring pudding when you could make instant ~ 'thats just crazy!' :)
Hope you had a good day as well. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. By your pictures it looks like you had a lovely day! I think I will have to try the Lorna Doone pudding. I actually just watched Lorna Doone for the first time last night. :)

  2. I always stop and have a look at the 'sale cart' at the Library too :-}You found some great magazines!
    That is the sweetest photo of Pia ~ she looks like she is enjoying summer :-} & your pudding looks delish!

  3. I've been wanting to take a look at Martha's Everyday Food magazine. What a great deal to get them for just .25 at the sale!!!

    Your embroidery is coming right along and looks so nice. I love redwork embroidery!

    LOVE that hanging basket! It's gorgeous!

  4. Great mag finds! And your embroidery is looking sharp! Now, that pudding looks like something I want, but ought not have. (I'll try it tho, I know I will).


  5. I'm glad to hear I am not the only mom who stands at the stove stirring a pot of pudding! I get the same reaction from my family- why not use instant? I am going to make the Lorna Doone pudding for Sunday dinner. You have convinced me!!

  6. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Oh how wonderful. I love when I find magazines on sale.

  7. I've kept the recipe from her post to try. Good to know that it is as good as it looks. You found some great mags at the library. I love checking the library for magazines and it's such a rush when I find current issues of ones I like!


  8. I didn't know libraries put magazines on sale. I wonder if ours does.I love your hanging basket.

  9. Ok Deb, your pudding looks 10 times better than mine~ and it should! Anything that is not "instant" or not in a "tub" is better! I'll have to take my time and "stir" my pudding and "whip" my cream the next time! Lovely! Oh..can you make a lampshade? If you have time, pop over to my blog, and read my post. I want one made out of a plain white vintage linen tablecloth~ with a tiny little ruffle at the bottom. Tina

  10. It's me again! I need to know about those labels on your jars...I've been trying to find labels that I like..I can't. I like yours, why am I not surprised! I like the simplicity of them. They say...just what it is...period.

  11. I really like your redwork embroidery!

  12. Great pictures! Your kitty looks like our Zoe. The pudding looks yummy!

  13. Our library does not have mags so no sales for me I'm afraid. I am enjoying seeing your summer as we get deluged once again. Keep up the good work!

  14. I tried the Lorna Doone pudding was yummy!

    love your blog and the pretty pictures!
    Come and visit me!

    Hugz, Dolly

  15. Hello, just stopping by to let you know I enjoy your blog!
    I'm going to check out that recipe...I have a box of Lorna Doone cookies in my cupboard!

  16. I love all of your pictures. Your embroidery looks so good! Also, what a cute kitty.

    I wonder if my library sells magazines? Our old one did, and I loved it. You got some good ones.

    Also, I think Lorna Doone's are delicious all by themselves - I can't imagine how yummy that dessert must be. I'll have to try it.

  17. Oh my, that spoon pudding looks yummy....must give that a try! Your hanging basket is gorgeous.

  18. Your red work embroidery is great. WEll we aren't experienceing good weather here at the moment considering it's summer. Today the rain has held off, but it seems to have been raining and cold for weeks ! - love Julia x

  19. Hi, thanks for the b-day wishes.
    Our library has mags for free. I've gotten some really good ones. Love the redwork.
    The pudding sounds good.

  20. So happy that your kitten has a name. She is really cute. I keep thinking my youngest cat, The Kitten, needs a playmate cause the other three are old and won't play with her. But then my brain starts working again and I go clean the litter box. LOL Have a safe and fun-filled 4th.

  21. I LOVE Hobby Farms Home magazine. Love it!


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