Monday, August 27, 2007

more treasures!

Saturday afternoon was spent freezing corn, grown by my dad, to enjoy over the winter...

In the morning, on the way to get feed for the horses and chickens, we stopped at a couple yard sales around the corner from us. I was happy to find some bargains and spent less than $10 for everything ~

~ a basket perfect for embroidery or knitting

~a pile of Do It Yourself magazines

~ 2 'new' vintage full-size percale sheets to make pillowcases like Anna's

~ a large wire basket

~ and this great table

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!


  1. I love "Do It Yourself" magazine - it's always been a favorite. That's a whole lot of corn! Absolutely love that little table - what an amazing find!


  2. I am jealous! I love that wire basket and the table - what a bargain!

    Also, your corn looks delicious. That is one of my very favorite summertime foods.

  3. Wow great finds, you go girl xoxoxo Clarice

  4. Spectacular photo of your corn! I can see steam from your pot! Loveit! I also love that TABLE!

  5. Anonymous8:05 PM

    All for under $10? Wow!! That is amazing. The table is adorable.

  6. My goodness! That table was an especially nice find for that price. I love that style of table, especially for the bottom shelf.
    It had been awhile since I did any treasure hunting, but I found a couple of treasures the other day. I'll try to post them in a few days.
    That corn! The best part of August is the bounty from the garden.
    Take care Deb.

  7. I love the table, you always manage to find great stuff!

  8. Wonderful finds! I LOVE that table!

    Also love hearing about you canning and freezing things. I used to do that with my Mom. Wish I had paid closer attention so I could do thsoe things now. You are inspiring me to try.

    Have a blessed day!

  9. That table is gorgeous! All that great stuff for less than ten bucks? Aren't garage sales just the cheapest form of happiness!? :>)

  10. Hello! I was browsing blogs and came across yours! It's lovely! The corn looks quite yummy. :-)

  11. Nice finds! Where are those yard sales in my neck of the woods? :)

    Just wanted to give you a friendly hello. I really enjoy your blog and put a link to it under "Inspiring Sites" in my new blog - . I hope this is OK! I didn't know if I needed permission to make the link, but thought it would be a nice gesture! Let me know if you prefer that I don't!


  12. Great bargins! Love the table! Your farmhouse kitchen looks wonderful! Love it!

  13. What finds! Love the table- such a deal! I just love finding sales like that. They make my day!

  14. What greaat finds! Such bargains. Thank you frovisitin gmy blog and for you nice comment. It is always a pleasure to see new names in the commets and to visit new blogs. I have enjoyed my visit here and am sure to come back.

  15. What a lovely table, I just love it. How do you freeze your corn?

  16. Your finds looks great! I really loved the shape of the table. :)

  17. that table is wonderful - what a great find. You have the best taste!

  18. Hello! I am de-lurking your blog and I find it very interesting. I'm glad that I found you :)...

    May I have your permission to put your name in my link?

    Keep Writing!


  19. Hi Deb!

    Thank you so very much for your latest e-mail! I will now start making a book bag this week!! Yes, i finally have decided to take a risk. Very scary, but i will do it very S L O W L Y. Yes, that`s the only way i can make thigs without making it go wrong. Anyway..i really missed your blog, yes i see that i have missed a few posts. Your kitchen is just divine!! Yes, i love the kitchen cabinets, the working space, the kitchen sink, oh yes the sink. I love those!!
    And your pottery is just so pretty. I always looks for those pottery bowls at the local flea-markets. They work so good for so many things. But here they are hard to find. Often they are yellow or dark green, i am not that fond of those colours. And you have had good luck finding those beautiful treasures again, oh i am so jealous! Specially at the little white table, it looks gorgeous!! Yes i want one for my creative room. So nice to have the opportunity to harvest your own vegetables :)
    It sounds like the days are good for you and that you are enjoying life. Nothing is better than that!
    See you in a bit Deb! Aina

  20. So wonderful finds!!!! We never seem to even have yard sales around here any more.. and if we have auctions its usually farm implements...

    I'm loving the table!!

  21. You did a great job - with the corn and the treasures. I love that table! Your basket and vintage sheets will be fun to use and the wire basket is handy. Enjoy the magazines. ~Adrienne~

  22. Oh what wonderful finds!!! Looks like you found a treasure!

    Mrs. U

  23. The pictures you share always bring a smile to my face. Wonderful finds! Can I come treasure hunting with you? :0)

  24. Love your kitchen! And your great finds. I'm always so envious of such great thrift finds. By the way, I've "tagged" you. Hope you don't mind!

  25. Nice finds the corn looks yummy.

  26. That is a great table! I would love to find something like that at a yard sale.

  27. Thanks for the sweet comment. I want some corn! :) That looks so yummy!

  28. That corn! Is there anything like fresh sweet corn?

    And your bargains are terrific. Love that table.


  29. Why don't I find such goodies?

    Your corn has me drooling - lovely and hot with melting butter. Yum

    love ax

  30. Oh this corn looks yummy! I am a city girl, but when I have the opportunity to visit farms or the homes of avid gardeners, I savor every second of it!

    I love what you found. I'm really attracted to that little table! It should be fun finding the perfect spot for that!

    Fall, here we come...

  31. That corn looks soo good and those buys, what bargains.

  32. Carrie12:55 PM

    Your blog is inspiring and encouraging! Thank You!

  33. Love the table! I always love tables with a shelf down below.


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