Friday, September 28, 2007

in the mail

This week the mailman brought me something waaay better than the usual stack of bills and junk mail ~ a package all the way from Australia. It was from my 'napkin swap' partner, Rhonda.
These are the beautiful napkins she sewed for me, in the most pretty floral fabric, and the cutest card also included...
And, Rhonda took the time to create this amazing embroidery, that is so beautifully done...
I think it will become part of a cosy I've been wanting to make for my new brown betty teapot.
Thanks so much Rhonda!!!


  1. I love your mailbox goodies!! I just posted on mailbox goodies today, too. I guess we are all alike and just love it when something besides bills and junk mail are in our boxes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful embrodiery you received

  2. The embroidery is so pretty! I thought it was vintage until you said it wasn't.

  3. Utterly charming Rhonda !!! Clarice

  4. Oh how beautiful, you lucky thing you!
    love Alison x

  5. Oh, deb!! The embroidered piece caught my eye right away. It's lovely! Rhonda Jean does beautiful work!

  6. These are very pretty! I bet it made your day to receive them! They will be lovely to use while having a nice supper or even a cozy cup of tea!

  7. Those are the prettiest napkins! And I just love the embroidery. I can't wait to see the cozy you make with it. Enjoy your goodies.

  8. What a fun gift to receive. I just bought fabric to treat us to new napkins. I've never made them before, but really, how hard can they be!

  9. Hello Debbie, I'm so pleased you like your package. It's always a lovely thing to work on something, write a note, parcel it up, and post off to the other side of the world.

    I always draw my own patterns and I think I have this one on my blog for free download if your readers would like to stitch it. I'll check that it's there, if it isn't I'll add it.

  10. Oh how fun to receive such lovely treasures! The embroidered piece is so nice and I like your idea for using it to make a tea cozy out of!

  11. I just love these, they're so pretty! Great blog too! Amanda.

  12. ohhh how lovely...just beautiful.
    ~simply stork~

  13. What a lovely package--the embroidery is so sweet. I'm going to do a mailbox goodies post on Friday this week because the creativity endeavors of crafters out there is so amazing.

  14. The embroidery is beautiful. What a good friend you have in Australia. I think the tea cozy is a wonderful idea. Very appropriate. The floral napkins are also lovely. I see your friend is offering the free pattern for the embroidery. I'll have to check it out. Enjoy your treasures.

  15. What a lovely gift!
    I like your idea of using the embroidery for making a tea cosy.

  16. What pretty things you have here.... I just love it when the mail man brings me something special! The embroider is so beautiful. Enjoy...



  17. Hi Deb!

    Yes, it is me :) Finally..I have been busy making new designs for Aina`s Charm, and i have lots of needlework to do. I have been sitting and talking at the phone for the last hours, receiving new orders. Fun!
    Yes, but also a little bit hectic. It seems like everyone are thinking ahead of Christmas. Yes, already!
    Love the napkins that you have received. They looks so charming and i can pictures them in your kitchen :) I specially love the one with the teacup! Yes, i am huge fan of tea, and cups as well :)Fun to hear that you have made a friend in Australia too. I have one living in Queensland. And we are having a swap at the moment too! Yes, what a coincidence.
    My friend is now busy hanging up the new shelf and the little lamp for me. I can`t wait to decorate a little bit. Yes, make my room more inviting. Until now it has been pretty chaotic in my room. Treads, fabrics, buttons and books all over. I really need a few more baskets for storage. How are you really doing? What are you working on at the moment? I hope you still are enjoying the Autumn, your vegetables and the fresh air :) I wish you happy and creative days Deb! Hug, Aina

  18. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Doesn't she make beautiful things? I am glad you received such pretty things. When you receive gifts in the mail, it is like Christmas in July.

  19. How thoughtful of her to give such kindness to you.

  20. Hello I was wonderinf if you could tell me more about this "Swaping" you all do on the blogs. I seem to always miss the deadline when I find one I might be intrested in doing!
    Katrina in AZ


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