Friday, September 21, 2007

a new washcloth

Things have been so busy with the Firefly Farm shop, that, having gotten the last of several orders shipped out, I decided to make something for me.
This is another pattern from the Dishcloth Boutique called 'doily style dishcloth'. I thought it would make a pretty washcloth, so even though it requires double point needles (not my favorite thing to work with!), I gave it a chance. It took me a half dozen trys due to my own clumsiness, but once I got a couple rows into it, things went much smoother.
It is made with Bernat's Organic Cotton ~ color Cactus...

Now it just needs a bar of homemade soap, which I have been wanting to try to make for some time! (Rhonda is very inspiring, so if you haven't been to her site yet, you may want to check it out.)


  1. Such a pretty dishcloth. I still want my daughter to make some of those for me. You noticed that I didn't say that "I" would make them! Still so clumsy with two needles...

  2. Ohh I like this one. I need to get this shawl done, so I can do some more cloths !!! Clarice

  3. Seeing these washcloths inspires me to pick up my crochet needles again. My daughter was given the most daring crochted washcloth, & her friend gave me the pattern~ so about 100 washcloths later :-). Wonderful way to spend time while watching TV or even taking a trip (passenger only!)...Yes~ handmade soaps a perfect match for such lovely cloths. I have been making soaps for years on really is a wonderful trade, "It soothes my soul".

  4. Deb ~ What a beautiful washcloth! I love that link to homemade soaps; Rhonda makes it look so easy.

    I enjoyed your knitting post below and all the comments that went with it. I just posted my WIPs this week. I'm trying to sneak in knitting while doing other things, so I can finish them up and move on to more! My eldest daughter tickles me when she walks around the house with her knitting bag on her arm knitting while she walks. But maybe she's got the right idea! ;o)

  5. I love your washclothes...and that color is awesome...I am pretty sure that is the same color we just painted my daughters kitchen...if not it's very, very close! That one is so pretty you may never want to use it! But...then what would be the purpose...b/c I know these types of washclothes last forever!

    You must never sit still...what a blessing to have so many talents and have the energy to use them all.


  6. Oh, oh your washcloth looks beautiful! The home-made ones are always so beautiful. Good job!

  7. Deb ~ I love the green color and the pattern. And I've enjoyed perusing the knitting boutique link you posted a couple of posts ago. I may have to try this one altho I've not worked with double point needles before.

  8. Oh that turned out so pretty. I love it.. I have the ingredients to make soap but have not done the task yet.

  9. OH! The pattern is gorgeous Deb! I really like the colour too :)
    I really have to finnish everything and then, i will my own dishcloth...I hope you are not too busy enjoying the lovely Autumn!
    Aina x

  10. Such a beautiful cloth... I am so inspired to try this one. I have never knitted a round cloth and this one is so pretty! What a beautiful job you have done.



  11. I like it, Deb! Soap-making sounds like a good fall project to do.


  12. Leslie10:11 PM

    Very nice! I crocheted dishcloths for Christmas gifts. Also I made the homemade soap with my children...used it as a science experiment for homeschool. ;) We used Rhonda's recipe, very easy. But we couldn't find soap flakes in our rural area, so I grated up Ivory. Have fun! Love your blog.


  13. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Hey Debbie, What a pretty washcloth. I received mine last week and they are so cute. Now I just need to dirty up some dishes!
    Thanks again! Elise

  14. Oh that is just lovely! I love homemade dishcloths and that color is just great! Nice job!

  15. Gorgeous pattern Deb - love the Cactus colour.

  16. Love your sweet blog! Love the color cactus! What a blessing your pictures are! Have a beautiful day!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  17. What a wonderful cloth--the color, the pattern design, everything about it is lovely.

  18. Love this pattern, it's so pretty. I love, love the dishcloths I got from your shop.


  19. This is beautiful...I never would have thought of that...why do just a square...

    I also love the pictures on your site they are just lovely...
    ~simply stork~

  20. Amazing a hand knitted wash cloth, now that is luxury.

  21. This is very unique! I love the swirls!



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