Monday, December 03, 2007


Saturday was the first of December, and I still had not made the Advent wreath. I headed outside to the pine tree with the soft needles and gathered a basketful; hopefully enough for a wreath for the front door as well...

It was a cold and blustery weekend, so most of the rest of it was spent inside making wreaths and sewing. I started a couple new projects, both with patchwork...

I have so many 'scraps' in the scrap basket it's overflowing. It's a good thrifty feeling to use them up, but best of all I love all the combinations I can put together. I promise more pictures of the finished projects soon...

Happy Advent everyone!


  1. Your Advent Wreath is beautiful. I think that next year I will make one for our house.

    Can hardly wait to see what you make with your fabric scraps.

  2. Happy Advent Deb:-) I love those earth toned fabrics , so rich looking. Can't wait to see what your making!

  3. Beautiful Advent Wreath...and I love the beautiful colors of your candles.

    Have a happy week....


  4. You are so lucky to have your own pine to cut. I miss that so much. I love your short fat advent candles. I never thought to go that route, have always used the tapers. Blessings Deb.

  5. Happy Advent to you too Deb

  6. I love the colors of your Advent candles against the wreath. So pretty Deb, aa are the combinations of fabrics you've used in your patchwork.
    Best wishes to you!

  7. Happy advent. Ohh I can not wait to see more xoxox Clarice

  8. Oh where did you get those candles???? I looked high and low for just such candles and couldn't find pink and purple ANY where...maybe I should look in spring? Any tips would be great!! Thanks so much!

  9. Tilly,
    I also looked high & low for pink & purple candles, and of course, I waited to the last minute! I finally found them at our local Dollar Tree Store.
    I've never looked for them in the spring, as I just don't think that far ahead :)
    Good luck,

  10. Happy Advent to you, too, Deb. I wish I had those lovely soft pine needles to use. Ours are very long and sticky.

    I can't wait to see your latest creations.

  11. I love the fabrics bits and can't wait to see what you are creating.
    Pretty candles for your advent wreath. Linda

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  13. Such Wonderful feeling with these pictures Deb! I didn`t even noticed Advent before it was over last Weekend. I was sick and then I was to busy making Christmas presents. I really love your Advent Wreath :)
    I just received the December issue of Country Living Uk. and I got so inspired! I am going for more earthtones now I think. It has been a bit to white in my house lately,I need a bit more colours. I can`t wait making it cosy. Starting friday!

    I hope you enjoyed your Advent weekend, snuggling up and enjoying the days. Sending you a hug!
    Aina x

  14. When I was a child my mother took me and my sister out to pick chestnuts to make the Advent Wreath. We fastened it around a ring of styrofoam. Brown chestnuts and purple candles =)
    Your Advent Wreath was really pretty, and I think you must live a wonderful place, the pictures of the landscape is really really beautiful =) and as always, peace is to find on your blog...
    Happy Advent!!!
    God bless <3



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