Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the cards are mailed...

I love my old Royal typewriter and would keep it on just for its good looks, but this week I've put it to use to address my Christmas card envelopes. And, my finger muscles got quite a work out on its keys, which are nowhere near as soft to press as my computer keyboard!
Most of my cards were store bought, but I did have fun making a few of these fabric tree cards, which I think I saw last year somewhere on the internet ~ I'm sorry I don't remember whose great idea this was...

Just simple triangle & square shapes of fabric (I used some vintage barkcloth) stitched on with my sewing machine.

Now that the cards are mailed, I'm headed to the kitchen for some baking. Hope you are enjoying your week!


  1. OMG that is soo cool that you used a typewriter!

    What a neat idea!

    Thanks for showing your clever ideas. I am always so inspired by your posts.

  2. I love the cards you made. They are very unique and made so very well.

    I am taking a break right now from my sewing room and the sleep pants to read blogs. I hope to be finished both pairs by later this evening. Just in time to post a picture of them on my blog for today.

  3. I have my fil's old typewriter like that too, displayed only, I may have to give it a whirl:-) I saw those cards too, yours came out lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas Deb;-)

  4. I have just tried to email you but it got returned. Hope you don't mind me repeating it here:

    Hello Deb

    I have been browsing blogs and came across yours because I love to crochet too!

    Lovely seeing how you live and reading little snippets of your life.

    I will turn 60 on New Year's Eve and am planning on living in China for 5-10 years teaching English. Hope to get there within the next year or so.

    I spend my spare time sewing and crocheting for charity. At the moment, I am having a run on making ponchos from scrap yarns. They come up just fabulous!

    I am a grandmother of 6 and divorced. After I come back from China I plan to live in the country. I am looking forward to my time in China though. The fabrics and yarns are just gorgeous.

    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas
    Suzi - the chick with a stick

  5. OK have my addy! ; - )

  6. How fun to still have your typewriter! I bought several at yardsales when I was a teenager but don't have them anymore. Your cards are wonderful, what a great idea! I finished mine up yesterday!

  7. Dear Deb,
    Thank you for all your beautiful inspiration this year. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog! Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you in the New Year!
    Kelleigh x

  8. Great card, I have been sewing on paper and love it. xoxoxo Clarice

  9. The cards are such a great idea. I'm old enough to be able to say that those were the typewriters we used in Miss Sigworth's typing class. Believe me, typing and shorthand classes were serious business back then. I love the sound the typewriters make. Where in the world do you find typewriter ribbons??

  10. What a great feeling to get the cards in the mail! Don't you just relish those moments of accomplishment? Using a typwriter makes things seem old-fashioned and special. Maybe you will start a trend. The cards certainly were a good idea. Yours turned out just lovely!

  11. Love your typewriter! Your envelopes must have looked wonderful with typewritten addresses :-} What a great idea! The fabric cards are wonderful too. So creative.

  12. Kimberly12:30 PM

    I am a newcommer to your blog and have really enjoyed reading it between sewing breaks these past few weeks.

    This holiday season, I have been a little bah-humbug and not thrilled about sending chirstmas cards. See every year I make them and I was about to forgo the whole process untill I stumbled upon your site. I was re-inspired to spend the time making my cards to show those I hold most dear that I care very much.

    Thank you for your time and effort to show and inspire us to keep going and to reassure us our efforts are not in vain. Our efforts are not only for others but to renew our souls and spirits as well.

  13. Ohhh, how I want one of those cards! How beautiful! If only I were crafty, too...

  14. Anonymous5:00 PM

    What a wonderful typewriter I might have been encouraged to do my cards a little quicker if I had had a lovely machine like that to play with. Merry Christmas.

  15. Deb,
    What a wonderful idea to address your cards with your typewriter! My daughter has mine - I might have to get it back for a while.

    I love those Christmas tree cards - so cute, especially with the fabric you used.

  16. This is funny...I was looking back in the archives at SouleMama and saw cards very much like this that she made one Christmas. Maybe that's where you saw them first? Yours turned out lovely, and what a great idea to use the typewriter!

  17. Cute cards! I think I remember seeing them somewhere too, but I don't recall where.

  18. I love your homemade cards, and what a wonderful gift to receive a card with the address typewritten on that old typewriter - you are sooo clever! Maybe I'll make my own cards next year...what a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Finally my cards are done, but some are awaiting the Family Photo. Those will be New Year cards, I guess.

    Love your typewriter. I remember plunking on one in my dorm room days.


  20. I have the same old Royal typewriter. I picked it up on one of my thrift store visits. Unfortunately, mine doesn't work so well.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas. Cammy


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