Wednesday, May 14, 2008

keep calm and carry on...

When life gets a bit hectic as it has of late, I try to follow these words of advice...

So much has been/is going on lately ~ it seems that the summer 'busy season' has already begun with...

one child's prom,

another's upcoming college graduation,

too much paperwork so said child can transfer to another college,

her class trip to NYC,

a wonderful Mother's Day dinner here (hope yours was great!),

lots of gardening~I planted delphinium, foxglove, salvia, hollyhock mallow, campanula, & a Therese Bugnet rugosa rose,

and sewing...

~ I have finally finished a batch of clothespin bags for the shop. Yesterday was so beautiful that I headed outside for the photo shoot...

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. What wonderful advice - Keep Calm and Carry on....I really need to remember that!!!
    I love your bench!
    Just Breathe!!

  2. Sometimes all the hectic stuff happens at once! Cant it spread out a bit? I like your inspiring words, thanks for sharing! I love the bench too, I am thinking of changing my bedroom to those colour themes, youve just helped me decide!

    Priscilla x

  3. Family life can be so busy. Staying calm and carrying on is truly an art.
    Did you make your bench? Really nice. I like your new bags. Take time to enjoy the special moments with your family.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that sign! Did you make it or find it somewhere in your antiquing? I think I will have to copy it and put it in a very prominent place in my home.

    Good luck with all of your busy-ness. It certainly is that time of year. Luckily, my oldest two are settled into the colleges they will graduate from, but I remember those transfer days - the paperwork is neverending!

  5. I love the quote!! The bench is so neat!!!

  6. Those are great word to live by.That benda looks like a good place to practice that.
    Best Wishes

  7. I can relate.. It seems my poor blog has suffered the last few weeks.. enjoy reading yours though.. I found an old twin bed and now I know what to do with it!! Your clothespin bags are delicious.. I still need to finish the market sacks I cut out..

  8. I look forward to your every entry, no pressure there! Thank you for sharing a bit of you life.

  9. Hmmm, I can relate.
    I think I need one of those prints!

  10. Great sign. I need one. We're having a busy May too! Wedding countdown is 17 days!!

    Happy May!

  11. I have that poster too it's a great mantra to live by.

  12. I swear May is the busiest month of the year for us too! What great advice your sign is...sounds like something the Queen of England would have said. Thanks for all your inspirational blog posts...I too look forward to each one.

  13. Love the Keep Calm poster Deb - where did you find it?
    You've planted my favourites in your garden! After a harsh winter, I lost a lot of my plants and noticed yesterday a small little hollyhock tucked in the garden :-}

  14. I love that poster and have a copy myself, too. It's true that it is a good reminder.

    Your pictures are delightful and all you do has such a loving feel that I smile when I read your posts.

  15. My goodness a lot is going on. I hope you are able to enjoy it all. Love Clarice

  16. OH, the clothespin bag looks fantastic Deb!! I so have to buy a couple later on, when everything has calmed down and we have been settling in a new home.

    It is very hectic around here too so This is a very good one for me as well. Keep calm and carry on is not always the case with me. Somethimes I just freak out or I just put my behind at the coatch and just stay there. I am not very good in tackling stressful situations. But strange enough this removal hasn`t been to hard on us like I though it should be. Yet...

    I hope you are able to cope with all the work you seem to have right now. And I wih you good luck with everything!!
    And then I want to thank you for asking me earlier on if I was okey. Yes, I am okey and very happy too!! Sunday we are heading north, to Norway. 1200 km and again I will be able to see my family. Yeah!!

    I wish you and you family a very happy and joyful time. Take good care and see you later this summer. Lots of hugs from your blogfriend Aina :))

  17. Ok where did you get that handy little sign? I really need one like it in my house. Especially lately.
    I love your blog and will visit again!
    God bless :)

  18. Great advice to life by...we are having a wedding here in one week. "Keep calm and carry on..." Yes.

  19. I love reading this delightful blog. In fact I find it soothing and calming - now I know it's probably down to that Keep Calm and Carry On sign.


  20. What a great print and words to live by. I like the crown too. Hugs, Linda

  21. Thanks everyone for your comments!
    The poster is a reproduction of a British WWII poster...I found mine on ebay from a seller in the UK. Barter Books also has them available on Ebay.


  22. I have just bought a copy of that poster - I'm waiting to get it framed. It sounds like you have been really busy - Natalie x

  23. Don't you just love that poster? Your clothes pin bag was very pretty! Well done!
    God bless.

  24. great sign! yes life gets hectic!! But you have a sense of humor so that is good!!!

  25. Really enjoyed your site/
    sometimes you can access mine sometimes you can't is quite frustrating as I don't feel like doing them all again...
    At the moment I don't have aol so come to the library...
    If you care hopefully you can leave comment on one of my BLOGS
    I live in the uk nr YOrk....

  26. What a wonderful blog.


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