Sunday, August 24, 2008

in the henhouse

"Sunflowers can be raised in odd places. They will grow very good heads without cultivation and for this reason can be grown in fence corners and places where nothing else can be raised to advantage. The seeds are very rich and will make the plumage of the fowls bright as well as increase the number of eggs, and all they cost is the planting of the seed and the gathering of the heads."

{from 'Laura Ingalls Wilder Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks' }

The meat birds are in the freezer now, and the old layers have been given away for soup birds. The henhouse was thoroughly cleaned {by Mike, thank goodness!!}. I would have done it myself...really...but he wanted to give it a go using a leaf blower. Well, I think you can imagine that ~ all I could see was a cloud of dust blowing out the henhouse door. When he stepped out, well, it wasn't a pretty picture. But, the henhouse was very, very clean!

The new hens have been moved over--including one surprise rooster. He is a character and never seems to stand still...

The ladies were busy checking out the new surroundings...

I'm going to get them some sunflower heads, and hope for some eggs real soon!


  1. I think that you will be getting some eggs in no time at all. I envy you your fresh eggs, nothing tastes better than fresh.

    God bless.

  2. I want chickens.... I want chickens....... I want chickens. Can you tell we don't keep chickens? But I want 'em.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. I adore this post!! You make your blog so cozy and homey with your beautiful pictures also. I love anything to do with chickens. You mention meat you'll butcher your own chickens for the table? I used to have chickens, and my Dh took care of that task once, and put them in the freezer and all. But I just could not eat them. Do you have any issues with that? I know I sound silly, but just wondering how you manage that. I'm sure eating home grown chickens is WAY healthier than store bought.

  4. Rane(iremembersleep@yahoo.com1:19 AM

    LOL above the one about the ladies
    checking out the henhouse it looks
    like the rooster is checking them
    out!!! Way to funny!
    What is his name? I think it should
    be Casanova, LOL~! Love your site.

  5. I love these photos, so colourful!
    I want chickens too but we didn't get to making a coop this year. I have been buying eggs from a farm not far from here and they are so fresh and delicious.
    Hope the ladies settle in soon and start producing.

  6. i am just popping in to say that i have enjoyed reading your blog. we also enjoy raising chickens...they are a hoot aren't they? okay, maybe a "cluck" ;o)

    stacy from everyday gifts

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I was just thinking yesterday how th hen house needs cleaning out badly. I am sitting here having my free-range egg over toast breakfast, and I had to smile at your entry *U* My girls go in the coop at night so the coyotes don't gooble them.
    I have made up my mind! I MUST grow some sunflowers next year. I try and they don't grow well. (I have not a green thumb nayway and can only grow tomatoes and zucchini) Loved the Laura I. quote.
    Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable visit to your blog. I'm going to add you to my list of farm girls.

  8. Love your blog and I have gotten some good ideas from reading it. I think I got chickens about a week or 2 before your post and my are laying - so your wait shouldn't be long. Got to love those fresh eggs. Unfortunately I ended up with the majority of roosters and went back to where I got them from and got 3 more hens. We are keeping one rooster though, just love to hear him crow in the morning - I hope my neighbors feel the same way.

  9. I love, love, love your site.

  10. I admire you. When I had chickens and one died and the others started eating it, well that was that for me.
    You are a brave girl ;-)

  11. Great photos!
    Please come and see me. I've given you an award!

  12. Love these photos. I would love to have chickens, too, but I live in a town. Can you raise them in a backyard? I would love to have a llama, too, but definitely don't have enough room for one of these. Keep the great pictures and posts coming!

  13. Oh nice to come here! I found ur blog throug Aina. Fresh eggs yummi!!
    Really nice pics

  14. Oh I would love to gather up my own eggs every day....such a fun part of farm life & better for you. I have seen where people actually decorate their hen house....I could sooo see you doing that. cherry

  15. your blog is so beautiful! i love your post, page after page is just so relaxing. my mother and i were really enjoying all of the seasons and your yummy baked goods. your blog is truly one of my favorites. so natural and cozy and beautiful. i really appreciate blogs like yours, you inspire me to love God's beautiful creations even more, the animals, the scenery, just breath taking. what a beautiful way to live.lovely blog!

    God Bless'

  16. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I love your blog...and have only been lurking... but, I visit you daily!

    I've nominated you for two can pick them up at:

    In kindness, Michele

  17. Can you please email me with your email address I had trouble emailing you from your shop. I am interestd in 1-2 market bags


  18. Hi there
    I love your photos. it looks like a fantastic place you live in :)

    Hugs from Norway

  19. Thank you, all, for your kind comments!!!
    Dear Suzanne ~ I think you deserve some chickens! :)
    YaYaOrchid ~ no, we don't usually butcher our own chickens; an Amish man does the job for us. I love that I know where my chicken has come from, and I make it a point not to get attached to the 'meat' birds...I'm OK with it.
    else10 ~ there is a book written about raising chickens in your backyard...don't have the exact title in front of me.

  20. Oh my goodness! I think one of your chickens looks like my chickens. I only have two, and the person who gave them to me said she was told they were Plymouth Rocks. I am really not sure though. Would you mind popping over to my blog to see? There is a pic on today's post. Thanks! Warmly, Cathy ^..^

  21. Deb: Be sure to check out my blog, you have won an award there. Amy


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