Friday, May 29, 2009

flea market finds

When I was at the flea market on Memorial Day I picked up a couple old wooden hangers to add to my collection. I used to cut them shorter for clothespin bags, but as my supply dwindles I can't bear to do that any more. Anyway, later after I got home and pulled them out of my bag, what I thought was a plain green hanger had this sweet painted pattern on the other side... makes me happy every time I see it hanging in the laundry room.

Today is a beautiful day with the most blue skies, so I washed and hung out the coffee sacks also found at the flea market...After seeing all the great totes, pillows, and bulletin boards made from these, I grabbed up a bunch for 50 cents a piece.

And these are a few of the fabrics I found...

...a vintage green print, some quilting florals, barkcloth, a linen calendar towel, and this vintage floral on the top--my favorite...

Meanwhile, work is slowly progressing on the drawstring bags...
Maybe a shop update next week {?}...


  1. Good job on the flea market finds!! I'm always so impressed with the people that can cull the good from the worthless!! Those drawstring bags are adorable! They will go fast.

  2. Flea markets are such fun! The bags are looking very nice ;)


    lady m

  3. Wow! Great finds. How come none of that kind of stuff is anywhere around my parts?

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Fun finds! I love the calendar fact, I recently acquired one but now I'm having second thoughts about cutting it up.

    --Vicki K.

  5. What great treasures you found! I love the vintage fabic and the cool coffee sacks. Boy you sure got a good deal on all of your finds.

  6. Great finds. I think they're a wonderful inspiration. I can't wait to see what you make.
    Your drawstring bags are wonderful.

  7. That looks likes such a fun project!

  8. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I love those painted hangers. I have a green one and a pink one like yours. So cottage cute. Also in my laundry room!
    Darling bags!


  9. Great Fines! I wish I'd kept my linen calendars from years gone by!

  10. You always make the most beautiful things! And I have to say that your photos are always lovely here as well - I know that it takes just the right lighting and angle to present these lovely photos on the blog and your special effort is noted.

    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  11. What great finds on the sackcloths!

  12. Great finds, that hanger is soooo sweet. Clarice

  13. What great finds! I love the hanger and the fabrics. I also love burlap bags :) I have often found them for sale at Coffee Shops that roast their own beans :)

    The bag came out just beautiful. I just love the doily :)

    Have a wonderful day Deb!


  14. love your flea market treasures! :)

  15. fun to do stuff here..

  16. Isn't it wonderful to be made happy by something as simple as a wooden hanger? I can so relate to that feeling, and I think your hanger is special too. As are your lovely drawstring bags.

    I like the idea of using the coffee bags for bullentin boards. What a wonderful idea!

  17. maggie ~New Zealand12:39 AM

    Hi Deb, I read your lovely blog and thoroughly enjoy it but have never commented....till now! I couldn't believe my eyes to see those drawers in your photo. I have some drawers exactly the same that were bought from a yard sale here in NZ. We have always puzzled about how they could fit into an item of furniture, but now I see from your photo that they fit into a frame and not furniture. Mystery solved!! Just wish I had the frame too. :<(

  18. Hello, the drawstring bags are so pretty!
    Rachel x

  19. What a great find, its a pretty hanger!

  20. What a fun flea market, I really wish we had great finds around here.

  21. LOVE that floor!!! I'm so jealous!! lol! Adorable bag!


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