Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some cooking - knitting therapy

My 19 year old left the nest last Sunday, and all day Monday I moped--it didn't feel much different than when he went off to kindergarten so many years ago :(
Knitting is my therapy, and I had nothing on my needles so I cast on for this sweater. I'm really excited about this project, because I am trying something new, which I will tell you about soon.
Cooking is good therapy too, and so I also came home from the library with these cookbooks...
...which are full of wonderful 'comfort' foods.
I haven't actually made anything yet as I got quite sidetracked reading Ree Drummond's book, which is just as entertaining as her blog.
But, there is no shortage of recipes I want to try.
I will be cooking & knitting, right after the housework and mountain of laundry is dealt with,


  1. I well remember crying my eyes out when my son's bedroom furniture left our house when he got married. It had remained during his college years, but *this* was a true exit. It's been almost fifteen years and bless his heart, he and his wife have been good to "come home" whenever possible.

    They lived 300 miles away until 4 years ago, and are now 3000 miles away. I cried for days and days until I realized it would be okay. Once a mom, always a mom.

  2. oh it can be so hard when our babies leave proud as we are when they grow up we miss the old times, I didn't go in my son's room for three weeks after he left!

  3. I positively love Ree's cookbook, and I've already made 3 or 4 things from it, with more on the horizon! I made her version of pot roast and it was the best I've ever eaten. And her make-ahead mashed potatoes are excellent too.

  4. Deb,
    It tugs at the heart, our kids leaving home. I had one leave home and two others leave the area this past fall. Thankfully there are cell phones, Internet, and skype to help soften the experience. Keeping busy with needlework and cooking are wonderful therapys. Looking forward to seeing you sweater.

  5. once you try one of ree's recipes from her cookbook, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP!!

    when my 9 year old son sees her book on the counter, he can't wait for dinner! i've made about a dozen of the lunch/suppers, the artichoke dip, and the french breakfast puffs are out of this world - and i even used white whole wheat flour and 1/2 rapadura 1/2 organic white sugar.

    my boys are only 6 & 9, so i'm not at the empty nest stage yet, but i'm already not looking forward to it.

  6. Ok I see how to leave a comment this is all new to me Ha. I would love to hear from others, about my new site. Sue from Oklahoma

  7. Hugs, hugs, hugs! My son left for basic training yesterday. I feel your heart. We'll think of each other, okay? I am going to knit, as well, drink coffee and tea, and feel what I feel.

    Take care of yourself and know you are in my thoughts!


  8. I know how you feel. I remember my daughter's first day of pre-school and the day she said she was moving out (to another state at that) following the love of her life....that was almost 3 years ago. And they have been happily married for 2 1/2 years now. I still miss her though. She loves to knit too and I wish I had time to start learning.

  9. Knitting is such therapy xoxoxox Clarice

  10. Well, it's tough, I know, but you will soon get used to his absence, (although you will continue to miss him, at least I did when daughter # 1 went off to school and daughter # 2 moved to Alberta, happily they're both back now)

    Knitting and cookbooks are two of the best therapies I know...I loved Ree's book, it's on my "to buy" wishlist.

    Make a hot cut of tea, put your feet up and enjoy both...the knitting and the cooking, that is.


  11. This is one of the hardest things we mom's do: LET GO. Over & over again. Getting ready to do it myself.
    Looking forward to seeing the sweater! The Accidental Countrywoman cookbook looks interesting too!

  12. It's never easy letting them go, is it? We mothers just are not geared to let go. My daughter has the cupcake cookbook and bakes from it often, tells me it's delightful and we both have the Pioneer Woman, which is terribly fattening and worth every calorie. We're shoveling so much snow up here in the East we could care less about calories right now anyway - we're much more into comfort. And isn't knitting the best comfort out there?!

  13. Ree's recipes are wonderful, aren't they? I haven't got her book but I've made a few things listed on her blog.
    My son will be off to Uni in a year or so. Not sure how I'm going to feel when the day arrives. xx

  14. My 'baby' left home at the age of 20, five years ago. My husband and I sobbed the entire two hour drive home from the airport, and continued to cry for the next three days. It's hard....but you do eventually adjust.

    I have been hooked on PW's blog for a few years now. She is hysterical at times, and humorous, always. Her photography is divine, and the many recipes I've tried from her blog have been great successes!

  15. Yes, that is how I dealt with the blues when my "babies" flew the coop. But then they came back!! Just for visits though, in fact my son is coming home from college tomorrow night..he hasn't be home since Christmas, and I can't wait to see him. Unfortunately neither can his girlfriend so I hope I see him a little! I shall be baking his favorite goodies tomorrow morning..

  16. I know how you feel, its just so hard when the leave! I can't wait to see the sweater!

  17. At first an empty nest truly feels empty, then slowly it becomes a comfortable place to be.

  18. Aw...hugs to you. Two of mine have now left the nest. It's hard but there you go...part of life and being a parent..Good job there are mobile phones and such technology to help keep us in tough. I have one still at home, although she says she's staying put!! lol

    The books look interesting. I love books (have hundreds!) knitting, crafting and cooking to help relax, although my baking is a bit, ahem, hit and miss. lol

  19. It's so hard when they fly the nest. You need LOTS of comfort.

    Eat something yummy.


  20. I know that I did much the same thing when our boys left. I still find it a bit too quiet at times and wonder where all the years went.

    God bless.

  21. I've heard that Ree's cookbook is a good read also. Hope you are feeling better today. It is hard to let them go,but part of life.


  22. Our son left for college this fall. It was so hard. I miss him of course, but it has gotten better.
    May God richly bless you during this period of adjustment.



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