Monday, March 22, 2010

coming ~ the Spring Cleaning Home Tour

The other day I received an e-mail from a reader, Beth, asking if I would consider showing pictures of some of the rooms in my home. I thought it would be fun to do a home tour, which in turn has motivated me to get going on my Spring Cleaning.
The plan is to work on an area each week, then post pictures of the hopefully-clean-and-organized results at the end of said week...if all goes as planned.
Today I started in the Master Bath with a bucket of hot soapy water using some Mrs Meyers geranium dish soap ~ I just love the smell of her products!
And, I filled a spray bottle with some white vinegar in which has been soaking orange peels {tip from my local morning news station}. I use a lot of white vinegar for cleaning, and the orange peels give it a great smell ~use it as you would any window spray.

The vanity was emptied out, vacuumed, and scrubbed. The lining paper is a roll of wallpaper from Big Lots--it is still in good shape so I didn't replace it. Empty and outdated items were tossed, and everything else was put back in a much more organized manner!

My checklist for today::
  1. wash ceiling, walls, & baseboard
  2. clean/organize vanity & wall cabinet
  3. wash area rug
  4. wash shower curtain & liner
  5. clean glass light globes
  6. wipe down exterior of cabinets
  7. scrub floor
  8. clean mirrors

Next time I will finish up and then get started on the master bedroom.

I would love to hear if you're doing any Spring Cleaning,

and if you want to share any of your tips with the rest of us, please do.


  1. I am doing major Spring cleaning because I'm moving! We got a great new little place which requires that I get rid of tons of stuff. It feels so good that I don't know why I don't just get rid of stuff all the time. I really need to try Mrs. Meyers' stuff. I've only had an air freshener that someone gave me (peppermint) and the family didn't like it. I found it unplugged and laying on the table one day. lol But I hear tons of good stuff about the cleaning products. Thanks for the tip on oranges. I clean with vinegar a lot, too, so I'll definitely try the orange peels.

  2. Wow, you are so organized, I should follow suit. I did some of it, washed the rugs and hung them out when it was windy the other day. Looked great, all fluffy.
    I absolutely am addicted to that geranium Mrs. Meyers, I use the cleaner and the dish soap. I use vinegar and water all the time but never thought to put oranges in it. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Thanks for the oranges in vinegar tip!! I too, use vinegar all the time!

    My husband and I have had the flu and we have been bums for over 2 weeks. Until yesterday when I suddenly got better and decided that my poor house had to get dust free somehow. I started vacuuming at the front door and went to the back of the house. The bathroom at the back of the house was then a pivot point and I got a pail of hot soapy water and started at the ceiling in the bathroom and cleaned every nook and crany that a dust bunny could live!! The light fixtures, tops of cupboards, door frames etc etc. Long overdue!!I made my way back to the front door. I am so amazed at the clarity of the air immediately after doing this. I did the whole house except for the master bedroom which I did today! Took the whole day too!!
    I feel like I can breathe again!
    So my tip is to just dust or wipe down everything in sight and out of sight, you never know where a dust bunny could be lurking!! You can always pick up and straighten up later if you have to but you will already have the cleaning part done. Worked for me!

    I am looking forward to a whole house tour of your home!!!!!

  4. It is amazing how you are able make even cleaning, something fun to read about. Thinking about cleaning only one room at a time gives me inspiration to get started. Thank-you.

  5. Deb,

    Thanks for the motivation and the tip using the orange peels. I bet that smells wonderful! I love Mrs. Meyers too but prefer the Lemon Verbena for cleaning.

    I haven't even started cleaning yet! I have had so much going on. Hopefully soon!

    Have a blessed day and I can't wait to see your home tour :)


  6. Deb I'm on the other side of the world but an autumn clean would be useful, thanks for the motivation to clean along. I will.

  7. I do spring and fall cleaning each year, planning on starting soon

  8. A few of us here in the Southern Hemisphere, tend to do Autumn cleaning. The first burst of Spring here is so hot and we feel such relief in Autumn, that many of us are energetic and do major cleaning I am Autumnal cleaning. Lots of wiping of walls, decluttering, wiping kitchen cupboards and soon window washing I hope.

  9. Fisrt of all, do you hire out?

    I like your tip about the vinegar, anything to help the smell!

    You idea to take a week on 1 room, doable :)

  10. Fantastic! I look forward to these posts!!! :)

  11. You make it sound fun to do spring I like the vinegar and orange peel idea:)

  12. I am so glad I visited today. I am just starting spring cleaning and you will motivate me to continue. I am on a new kick with the laundry and it has turned out wonderfully. I am now making my own laundry soap and it is fantastic! The recipe was so easy and is so economical it is unbelievable. But the real reason I decided to try it was because of my sons eczema. using vinegar as the rinse. sorry for the long post, thought you might be interested!

  13. Ah yes! What a neat idea! I just got down blogging about my trip to Mexico. I'm just getting ready to start my spring cleaning. So now I know what to blog about next! Thanks for the inspiration! =]

    I love to deep clean and organize. When I start, I get obsessed with it. But not in a bad kind of way. Lol! My family calls me a freak, though.

    Looking forward to catching all your spring cleaning posts!

  14. I love the idea of white vinegar and orange peels - sounds great, thank you, will give it a try!!!

  15. I am one of those weird people that actually enjoys cleaning! I love the feeling of a house that has been scrubbed from top to bottom, especially in the spring when the windows can be opened wide to let the fresh air in. Thanks for the tip with the orange peels. I make my own homemade window cleaner with vinegar, and adding orange peels sounds lovely! I can't wait to try it this week! Good luck with your cleaning. I love all your posts on these simple things.

  16. I'm starting my cleanig too.
    I've never heard of Mrs. Meyers soap, I'll have to look for it.

  17. Wow I should really think about cleaning but we just have so much yard work ahead of us.

    New house, new yard!!!

  18. I wanted to share a little something a lady at my church shared with me..
    Use white vinegar and baking soda together as a natural cleaner. Put a ½ cup of baking soda down your drains then follow that with 1 cup white vinegar let sit 15 minutes and run hot water. Do this to your drains twice a month to prevent clogs. Never do this after using chemicals on your drain it will have a bad reaction.
    Just a little tip. Have a blessed day!

  19. You are so organized. I love it. I am in Iceland and i am starting to cleaning the house. I cant wait to see your picture. Thanks for the tip of the vinegar !

  20. Mrs Myers soap is great! I love her products. Also cleaning with vinegar. I also use soda a lot in my cleaning. I will enjoy reading about your cleaning experience.

  21. Mrs Myers soap is great! I love her products. Also cleaning with vinegar. I also use soda a lot in my cleaning. I will enjoy reading about your cleaning experience.

  22. I haven't started my spring cleaning yet because I'm packing. I'm moving into my very own first house. I cannot wait to get started cleaning there. Love the tip and will try it.

  23. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I am working on my spring cleaning as well. And I am guilty of also doing "fall cleaning". I figure if I have to be stuck in the house all winter, I want it to be clean and organized! I use only homemade cleansers - no toxic chemicals in my home. I love essential oils!

  24. this is the second post today talking about Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. Okay, where can I get this stuff. I don't believe I have seen it in the stores. Is it sold in stores?
    I also am spring cleaning due to a move in the next couple of months. there is nothing like a clean home.
    Love the idea of the homemade window cleaner with the orange peels.

  25. What is it about clearing the spaces we live in that we find we clear our hearts, too??

    Lovely home, filled with lots of love!

  26. Three cheers for Mrs Meyers.I use the Basil dishwashing soap.Took me a long time to try it,I thought the lemon verbena ruled,but,then a friend forced the basilupon me and now I'm hooked.My house cleaning skills could use some help so this project of yours will be watched very close.Here's hoping it does me some good.Orange in it.How am I doing.

  27. Just found your blog. I love that tip for orange peels in vinegar, I've never heard that before. I use vinegar for all my cleaning and my youngest son really can't stand the smell of it - he can tell when I'm using it even if he isn't in the room. I'm going to try it with orange peels because he loves the smell of oranges. Thanks so much!

  28. Sandie Van Auken6:08 PM

    I'm exhausted just reading this! I like the orange peel/vinegar tip, though.


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