Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring cleaning update

In the Master Bedroom
  1. washed the walls & all the woodwork
  2. 'erased' all the scuffs on the walls *

* I'm very sceptical when it comes to 'gimmicks', but at the advice of a very reliable source I tried the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It has removed the numerous scuff-marks on the walls, and has left them looking fresh and good-as-new. Definitely worth the purchase as it has saved me the bother of having to repaint in the near future :)

Yesterday ~ Tuesday::
  1. washed windows
  2. vacuumed & replaced screens
  3. polished wood furniture*
  4. cleaned mirrors/glass/tv
  5. washed curtains/cushion covers/slipcover/afghan

* Some time ago I made up some homemade floor wax, which once in a while I use on some of my wood furniture. The combination of waxes and oil moisturize the wood and leave a lustrous finish. {If you make some up, just don't leave it in a metal can as I did--it is causing the can to rust, so I will use glass or plastic next time.}


  1. I am exhausted just reading what you accomplished, but I admit it's a kick in the hiney for me. Think I'll try to follow your lead. Thanks for the inspiration. In my defense, I'm pretty sure I'm a lot older than you so you definitley have an advantage there;>)

  2. As someone put it the other day on another blog, "finally a product that lives up to the hype." That's exactly how I feel about the magic erasers. The generic ones (not Mr. Clean) have worked just as well for me so far, too. I used to find the generic ones 2 for $1 in a convenience store but I moved. I should have bought a bunch of them!

  3. I love those magic erasers they do a great job and well worth the money.
    A job well done!

  4. Good hint about the magic earsers...I have a few problem areas. The major ones will need repainting.
    You have inspired me least to make a list, we'll see what gets done on it!!!

  5. I love magic eraser! I need to get hopping on my bedrooms. My husband is just finishing building me a linen closet for our newish house. Isn't just the thought wonderful! I'm cheering you on in your spring cleaning endeavors!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  6. Magic Erasers save many a problem! I use them on our much dis-liked white textured countertops. Take the grease out when no grease cleaner can! Love them!

  7. Like #1 said, you wore me out just reading what you have been doing. Guess it's time for the ole Spring Cleaning routine. But then again, I'm sure enjoying sitting around knitting!

  8. Magic Eraser is indeed magic! Love them!

  9. just found you today and am now a follower. i love making my own cleaning supplies,so i am planning on learning and possibly from time to time wil contribute tips also. Bestest,Denise

  10. Magic Erasers are the best! They have removed many stains from the kids and pets, and saved me from lots of re-painting! I also use them on dirty lunch boxes, coolers, and white plastic waste baskets.

  11. You've been inspiring me this week! Done with the bathroom & bedroom, & started on the great room today. Thanks for the mention about the magic eraser. I've had one, but never remember to use it! I'll have to try it tomorrow.

  12. Cleaning, I have heard of that. I think I know what it is ;-P
    Maybe you will inspire me xoxoxo Clarice

  13. Ohh, you are wearing me out!! But I did did take the hand towel from our bathroom and dust in our bedroom before I threw it down the laundry shute!! :-)

    My daughter told me about the magic erasers and I agree--they are fabulous. Save much scrubbing and painting. I also used it on our floor when we replaced the mop board in the kitchen. A line of old floor wax that I didn't have to scrape. What a gift!

  14. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I have just found your blog and have so enjoyed reading your posts and browsing your flickr.
    You have certainly been hard at work lately making your home spick and span!
    I've marked you as a favourite blog, but I'd like to follow you - do you have the Follow facility?
    I was surprised by how similar we are. My name is also Deb and my products/on-line shops are Pretty Goods!

  15. So when you wash your walls, are you climbing up and down a ladder to reach the ceilings or using a clean floor sponge? And is this the soapy water part? I have one room with high high ceilings...

    Thanks for the inspiration...I've got orange peels soaking in vinegar too...

  16. Wow, you have been one busy little lady! I too love the magic erasers...they are great!

    Have a fun weekend!


  17. Oh Spring cleaning needs to happen in my home, but winter came back for a week, and it's very cold again! I love the Meyers cleaning products! Pretty tote!

  18. It's been so beautiful here that I've fallen behind on my cleaning.I promised myself I would keep up with you and I'm already a room behind.Mr. Clean Erasers sounds like something I could use.I'm not reading your next post till I have something positive to cross off my list.


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