Thursday, September 23, 2010

breakfast food

Yesterday morning I decided to stock up on
some breakfast foods,
~ I made some yogurt, which we especially
love in our smoothies
~some overnight oat cakes from Clarice's very lovely
~ and, since my brother Tim brought me
delicious pears from his tree, I made
these wonderful Apple & Pear Breakfast
Custards from Heather at Shivaya Naturals.

Now that Fall is in the air, it seems good
to get back to spending some time in the kitchen :) 


  1. I couldn't agree more Deb, I have been baking and cooking so much more! I am having a giveaway, little knitting love:-)

  2. Yummers! I love Clarice's sweet book, don't you??

  3. Everything sounds really good.

  4. Aren't those over-night oat cakes, yummy and easy!! Oh I will have to try Heather's custards xoxox Clarice

  5. I've also been feeling like getting back into the kitchen more, coming up with some new dinners (despite the fact that we've had hot 90 degree temps all this week again).

    You always provide the nicest ideas. :)

  6. I like time in the kitchen during the fall also. It just feels so "right"

  7. i wonder how you like that yogurt maker? i've got it in 1 qt size (after years of using a maker that made individual cups of yogurt - 6 at a time). i find the yogurt isn't very 'smooth' and consistent. I've even added the (organic) non fat dry milk i never needed in individual sized batches. any tips appreciated! thanks.

  8. Yum! Overnight oat cakes? Never heard of that, Deb...:)JP

  9. Those custards look delicious!

  10. While I loved your post about your food, my interest really peaked at the bowl. That's a lovely bowl on the table.

  11. i have been following your blog for over 3 years and i just love reading everything that you write about. your home is just amazing, it looks like the kind of home that i would love to have, very warm and cozy. i love your kitchen sink:) i love to crochet and bake also. thank you so much for all of the wonderful ideas that you have given me:)
    diana from oklahoma

  12. I am so excited to read Clarice's book, I hear it is magical. So glad that you enjoyed the pear custards!

  13. Yummy, girlfriend! I'll agree... it's great to be back in the kitchen baking! I love my comfort foods and desserts!

  14. yum, i always need more breakfast ideas. we are suddenly in the kitchen all the time, hoping to keep a bit of the autumn through winter. i'm moving away from my place with a kitchen very similar to yours, i shall miss how cosy it is. x


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