Wednesday, January 06, 2016

a long overdue update on the new house adventure...

It's been just over 4 months since breaking ground.  The exterior of the house is about complete except for porch steps and the yard has been graded and grass seed planted in the front.  At that point, winter weather finally arrived and the landscaper was unable to seed the back.
At the parsonage I have been packing up whatever we don't absolutely need and we have been gradually moving things over.  There is still a lot of finish work to be done inside, which we will be doing ourselves.  It will be much easier once we get moved in, as the daily driving back and forth from the rental is wearing thin.  One thing we wanted done first, was to have the Belle Foret apron front sink installed in the pantry so that it could be used while we finish the kitchen.  I was really excited about this sink and eagerly awaiting its arrival yesterday; I was severely disappointed when I opened the box to this...

All the rooms have at least one coat of paint and some are finished, except for the living room which is storing the white oak flooring...

This is how the flooring looks in our bedroom.  Our 25 year old son installed it himself, having never put down wood flooring before.  After a few pointers from Mike, he got started and did a fabulous job.  He went on to do the spare room and the kitchen as well for which we are so grateful!...

This is looking through the pantry to the laundry room, before the appliances and pantry cupboard were moved in.  Mike rented a buffer to apply the finish--we used Rubio Monocoat Oil, which is a natural and non VOC product.  I love the natural look it gives...

Below are some of the kitchen and pantry cabinets that I started priming.  The flooring in this room was just sealed with Rubio yesterday, so I can't wait to get down there and see how it came out...

It's been a crazy whirlwind few months, and I can't wait to get moved in and get everything completed.  Christmas just didn't seem quite the same this year, as I didn't decorate--other than this little live tree, which will later be added to our landscape.  Right now it sits in a corner of our new bedroom, surrounded by moving boxes just out of view.  

I hope your holidays were good and wish all of you the best in the New Year.  Thank you, as always, for visiting and for your comments.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to get back to this space much more often!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

the house is progressing...

Most of the trees have lost their leaves now, but a few like the one above stand out, as the rest of the landscape becomes more colorless. I am trying not to think of those inevitable gray days ahead of us.

Ten weeks into our new house adventure and things are really moving along. We have insulation, the plumbing and electrical are run, and we have a furnace for heat which we will now be needing.  This view is looking through the pantry to the laundry room...

The wall board has all been installed and the taping-sanding-dust has begun. Here is the living room before and after drywall...

This is looking through the kitchen from the living room...

With all this wonderful progress, I am trying to finalize the paint colors. I am usually overwhelmed by the choices out there, but am managing to get it narrowed down.  We will be going with Benjamin Moore, mostly their 'Gentle Whites' and some grays...

While the drywall gets finished up, I will be we did just over a year ago.  Then, I will be putting on my painter's cap :)


Friday, October 23, 2015


The past few weeks have flown by...Autumn is here and we have blustery cold days interspersed with warmish Indian summer days.  We have had our first frost and the woolens have all been brought out of storage.  On the nice days I work at the new house getting the inside of the windows primed and painted--still much to go.  I have also been honing a slab of vintage marble which will go in the laundry room and have been finishing up sanding on the antique door that will be hung barn door style in our back hall...

Fluffy loves to get to the new property where she can run free for a bit and get some real exercise, which has not been possible at our rental.

The insulation is being installed this week and hopefully next week the drywall will start to go up.  This will be the kitchen + dining area and looks out to the back of the property...

Our hope is to be in by the end of the year, and I cannot wait :)

Hoping all is well with you!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Autumn...

In honor of the first day of Fall, I rummaged through some of the moving boxes upstairs and found the Japanese lanterns, which I have saved for several years. They have gradually been losing a few lanterns and fading--this may be their last year.  I saw the blue-green glass bottle at the thrift store and thought it would make a perfect vase.

The house is moving along well and it now has all its exterior and interior walls. It's so satisfying to see the three-dimensional as opposed to a plan on paper. Now we have a much better sense of the space and have made some changes as we realize certain ideas just aren't going to work as we thought.

This is an old pocket door we found on Craigslist--it's quite large and requires at least two men to move it.  I have been scraping, sanding, and scrubbing this side, and I just finished painting it today.  When I can get someone to flip it around, I will get started on sanding the other side, which I think I will just sand and wax as there is no paint on it.  It will hang barn-door-style in our hallway.

The Eastlake chair is progressing slowly; I realized that the old burlap, springs, and stuffing had to go, so I removed it all, patched the wood as best I could, and am ready to start rebuilding.  I'm following the instructions in my old Popular Science book, How to Repair, Reupholster, and Refinish Furniture .  The seat will be remade with plywood and layers of foam padding, and muslin.

Happy Autumn everyone--I hope your weekend is a good one!


Friday, September 11, 2015

feeling thankful...

Mid-morning tea with some blueberry buckle--a long time favorite recipe!

I cannot resist 'free' stuff, such as this perfectly good door ~ with some more scraping and sanding
and finishing, it will find a place in our new laundry room

A beautiful end-of-day sky while out for a walk with the dog.

We have a foundation, rough grade, septic system and the beginning of the
garage walls.  We're presently in a brief lull as our framer is on vacation for a week.

An amazing old oak tree on our walk through the wooded trails.

Beautiful goldenrod!

Checking out a nearby lake at sunset as a possible spot for kayaking.

I am just soaking up these late summer days.  After unseasonably hot weather for us, the nights have cooled off and an extra blanket is kept within reach at bedtime.  I am still shopping for lighting and faucets and am trying to come up with a unique cabinet for the pantry.  And, there's still the question of what floorings to use in the bathrooms...

But more importantly, I am counting my blessings today, this September 11, and remembering the lives lost 14 years ago.  

Friday, August 28, 2015

building, sewing, life

After so much waiting to get the new house started, construction has begun and life has gotten quite busy...a welcome sort of busy-ness.  It's time to make many of the decisions that go along with building ~ lighting, cabinetry, flooring, siding, roofing material, etc.  The window order is being placed this week, and they should be here by end of September. Lumber will be arriving tomorrow so that framing can get started.  Today I've been trying to source exterior lighting; I have ordered some supplies as well to make some of our interior lights.  

We have also been trying to take advantage of our beautiful late summer weather by exploring nearby waterways with our new-to-us kayak.  We spent a couple hours paddling this creek last weekend and can't wait to go back and take it further towards the lake.

In the meantime I try to accomplish some sewing and knitting.  I used an army laundry bag that I found this summer to make a tote with a removable cross-body strap.  At tea time I knit and have added some new cotton + linen cloths to the shop as well.  

Have a grand weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August doings....

The Purl Bee Baby Mocs and the Little Scallops Baby Hat were finished up a couple weeks ago--baby items are such wonderfully quick knits!   I am very happy with how each turned out and am sure these patterns will be used again and again in the future. For more details, see my Ravelry page here.
{we call this baloney tongue}

We love to head to the lake, now and again, to walk the dogs and watch the sailboats as the sun sets.  The dogs get so excited because they love to jump in and take a swim.  

Our favorite artisan ice cream place is located right across from the canal, so it's nice to take a walk around the locks after indulging on a sundae or cone...

This summer I was so excited to find an old striped ticking pillow case as I knew it would be perfect for a tote.  I just finished this up and added it to the shop.

It has just been an unusual summer for us this year--renting still feels strange and not having a vegetable garden or chickens to tend feels stranger still.  On a happy note, our oldest just became engaged to be married--her boyfriend proposed to her at a waterfall in Iceland {the name of which I cannot even attempt to spell} where they were vacationing...very romantic!  So we are officially planning a wedding to happen next summer.  
In the meantime, we also have a start date on our house--August 25, if all goes well...a busy time ahead for a very good way.
That's the news in my world. 
Thank you for stopping by and for leaving me a comment---I appreciate it a lot!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I took my camera over to our property one evening to get some photos, while Mike was shooting grades and digging another inspection hole.  

We have not been able to start on the basement for the house...the inspection holes are still filling up with water at 3 to 4 ft as Mike digs them.  Holes from previous digs have become home to frogs who apparently love to jump in and keep cool and moist.

The subcontractor says go with a crawl space or sell the a crawl space it will be. Still waiting for a date as to when that will happen.

So, for now, we go there to walk the dogs, enjoy the peace and quiet, and dream.



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