Thursday, March 16, 2006

Corners of my home

This is another spot in my sunroom. The old chimney cupboard was found in the basement of an old house we once owned. I added shelves and now it holds a lot of books. The table is from the flea market; I painted it white and then used a paint pen to add a quote around the outside edge.
This old iron crib came from the flea market also. I painted it, and covered the kid's old crib mattress for the seat. The pillows were made from pieces of needlepoint, again, from the flea market.


  1. I really like the sunroom.
    the chimney cupboard is something I've never heard of before...I saw it in your most recent post (now, you've repainted it) Very Unique. I also like the old crib turned comfy couch!

  2. You are so hard working and creative! god bless.


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