Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A new bag...

Last night I finished this bag and I'm glad it's done. Everything was going well until the topstitching. It was really difficult to get it perfect--actually it was impossible for me to get it just right! ...especially the bottom corners-ugh. And the little tabs were annoying also as I tried to get them positioned squarely. The construction of the bag is very different than what I'm used to doing--the lining is sewn to the fabric before the seams are sewn. Thus you have lots of raw edges inside--at least I do. Maybe I've done something wrong?
I had considered giving this as a gift, but I think I'm just going to keep it for myself and use it as a toiletries bag for traveling.

The pattern is from Bag Boutique. I like a lot of the bags in here and hopefully will have better luck with the next.

Wee Wonderfuls has the cutest "wee bunny pattern" available. Even though I have no little ones, I am tempted to make it anyway.

A brand new blog I discovered called country girl corner looks very interesting, and she has made a great looking denim bag.

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  1. Who is a clever girl then!? :)


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