Friday, June 09, 2006

I've been doing some sewing....

I'm very happy :) today~Blogger is working wonderfully and my pictures uploaded in no time. Now if I could just figure out why they don't appear in the order I enter them? ... no, I am not very computer savvy; thanks for bearing with me.

Above, is the apron I made with some of my flea market fabric. I'd been thinking about making a clothespin apron ever since seeing one in Mary Jane's Ideabook. Then at a garage sale last week I bought a little 1928 sewing booklet called 'Simplified Sewing' for 25 cents (seen below). When I got home and actually looked through it, I saw instructions for a clothespin apron so I just had to make one. I modified the 'Simplified Sewing' apron by adding a waistband/tie rather than just a tie of bias tape. I've tried it out and it works very well when hanging clothes. Now rather than reaching up and down to my clothespin basket on the ground, I just reach in my apron pocket~very convenient. And the henhouse is nearby so I can run over and check for eggs and stick them in the pocket too. I have to admit I have not worn an apron since I made one at age 9 in 4-H, so I feel a little conspicuous, but I also see why women loved them--they're so practical!

Above is the skirt I made with the fabric I showed you below. I finished it in time for our Memorial Day weekend party, and though I was not sure at first, by the end of the day I was liking it a lot. It's very comfortable and drapes nicely, and Mike liked it too. It's a Simplicity~It's So Easy pattern #4553, and it also can be made in a longer length.

Below is the clothespin apron pictured in the sewing booklet. A yard of fabric will do it, as well as some double fold bias tape. The back piece starts as an 18" square with the bottom corners rounded (if desired). The pocket piece is cut as directed from another 18" square of material. Pocket openings are bound in tape as well the sides and bottom of the apron.

The booklet was published by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company of Lynn, MA in 1928. It is full of advertisments for her Four Remedies~Vegetable Compound, Herb Medicine, Pills for Constipation, and Sanative Wash, as well as customer testimonials (very amusing), and patterns for more aprons, a bedjacket, a slip, a negligee and more. The purpose of the book was to "show how easily pretty and becoming garments may be made by following the diagrams" ..."yardstick dressmaking."

Check in next week to hear about my apron giveaway.


  1. I have Mary Jane's Ideabook. I really like it and her magazines very much. She has a new book coming out this fall...I think it is a sewing and craft book...expanding on that chapter(my favorite) in her first book. I'm looking forward to it.
    All of the aprons you've posted the last couple of days are wonderful. I love the vintage look of them. The booklet looks really interesting. I have an old gardening booklet from a pharmacy and it's filled with old ads like these too. Some of them are very funny.
    Love the looks really pretty on you!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the pattern for the clothespin apron! I have been wanting to make one and this is the kick start I need to get one in the works..!
    The skirt is very nice.

  3. Well done, Deb! They look pretty. :)

  4. Oh they look so pretty! Great job.

  5. I meant to tell you. The pictures load on top of each other. I can't think backwards to load them all at once. lol So, I do in the html edit mode and load the pics one at a time as I want them, then copy it after it's on the page (and delete what's on the page), then paste it where I want it. Does that make sense? I'm sure there's an easier way, but that one works for my limited computer capabilities. :)

  6. Well done! I really like the skirt with the dots, and the apron too. It suits you. :) I am really happy too; cause the Blogger is up to date again!!! :)

  7. i can see it is flowers on the skirt, not dots. I am sorry. :)

  8. You did a great job! Both the apron and skirt are so pretty. :0)


  9. The skirt and apron are so pretty! :o)

  10. Well first Debbie, you are sooo thin. I just had to say that !!!

    Second LOVE the apron. I want to make the one out of Mary Jane Farm book (love it too of course) Tomorrow I am loading up on cheap fab at Joanne's.

    I also like the skirt. I will look for that pattern. I looks like a nice drape !!!

    Ack apron give away. I am on pins and needles!!!!


  11. That aprons cool, I ought to make one with big pockects, to collect our chickens eggs. Lately they aren't laying in the nest box though, as they are free range, ie: aimlesly eating all of my plants, they are laying in their favourite bush!!

  12. Those are so pretty!


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