Wednesday, August 09, 2006

busy Tuesday...

I was just getting ready to do some sewing when I got the call...lots of sweet corn ready for freezing. My dad plants plenty for us kids; when I got over there it was all picked and waiting in a bushel basket. After an hour of husking, here it is waiting to be blanched, cut off the cobs, bagged, and frozen...

So, it wasn't til after dinner that I was able to return to my sewing projects. After a near 'nervous breakdown' trying to make the 1/4" spaghetti straps, I ended up with 1/2" straps instead ~ and that was not easy either!

Here it is, all ready to pair with some sleep pants for bedtime...

If anyone has any suggestions or knows of a miracle tool for turning thin tubes of fabric, pleeeease let me know. I found several tutorials on-line and tried everything....using a needle & thread tied on the end, sewing a piece of string on to the end, using a safety pin, and I even tried turning it with a wooden skewer....nothing worked! One tutorial mentioned 'patience' under its material list ~ I think I was a bit lacking in that.

After all that, finishing up this bag was a piece of cake...

Here's a peek inside, where I added a floral pocket and a magnetic closure...

And here is the list I promised Tracy at Seaside Enchantment:

  1. Five things in my freezer: Death by Chocolate ice cream, blueberries, sour cherries, homegrown chicken, Luigi's Lemon Ice
  2. Five things in my closet: photo boxes, hat boxes of cards & notes from my kids, a wicker basket of handbags and totes, hot rollers, cowboy boots
  3. Five things in my car: tissues, maps, ibuprofen, Armour All wipes, quarters
  4. Five things in my purse: Joann Fabrics sale flyer, paint swatches, fabric swatches, dress pattern envelope New Look 6557, tiny metal vintage tape measure
  5. Five things in my wallet: Feel Rite Fresh Markets frequent shoppers club card, Blockbuster membership card, checks, knitting needles tracker card, Red Cross blood donor card


  1. Your bag is so cute! I have never used magnetic closures on mine but I would like to try them! They look so much nicer than a hook and button.

  2. You're so talented! Cute top and lovely bag you made!

  3. I laughed Debbie at the Joanne sales flyer in your purse. A true crafter. I love the camie, no help on turning tubes (except a glass of wine) !!!! Clarice

  4. It's all good!!! Never mastered the bodkin thing myself...I would have done exactly as you did on the straps.
    I also carry a JoAnn flyer in my bag..
    The fabric used for the bag is just so pretty...I love that floral!

  5. JoAnn's should give us all an extra coupon for plugging them so often on our blogs!!

    The camisole is really cute. The needle and thread trick didn't work, huh? I'm so sorry. It looks like you found a great "fix", though.

    And the bag is GREAT. I've been spending way too much time fawning over all of the cute bags you, and some other bloggers, have been making. A couple of these will be at the top of my list for after all my Christmas gift sewing/crafting is done!

  6. Great photos, I love the one of the corn!
    Your camisole and the purse both turned out lovely.
    The best tool I have found for turning small and narrow things can be found at Joanne's Fabrics in the notions aisle. It is a package of several sized plastic tubes with wooden sticks that fit into each one. There is even a very small one. If you ask at the counter they will know what I am talking about. I think it costs around $7 and is more than worth it. I make tiny things all the time and these have truly saved my sanity....'course a few people may beg to differ! LOL!

  7. Mrs. Scott3:25 PM


    I love your work. The purses you make are such an inspiration. The notion you need to turn fabric tubes is called a "turn-it-all". They are about $8-9 at Joanns. Here is a link to their online site for the item.

    Mrs. Scott

  8. You do such lovely work!

  9. Your bag with pom-poms looks so lovely! My style!

  10. I just love that bag,it's gorgeous.

  11. My you have been busy and everything you finished looks wonderful. Have a good weekend and come and visit my front porch when you have time........

  12. Ooh..that sweet corn looks so good!! The cami is just beautiful and so is the purse!

  13. I'm sorry it gave you such fits but it looks so wonderful! I love it.

    I also love the bag. I bet it's too soon for me to order another one. LOL

    Fun reading what's in your car, purse and wallet, etc. Somehow I knew there would be swatches. ;)

    The corn looks yummy! Nothing like homegrown.

  14. Elizabeth11:05 PM

    Mrs Staggs tool sounds better than mine...must go look next time we go to the city where there is a Joann's but currently I have what is called Fasturn and it can be gotten from The Crowning Touch Inc. May be on internet, I got them some years ago, but here is the phone number on mine: 503-772-8430. I am using them right now...but I have made the ties for some aprons I am making, too small obviously so not sure how many will turn out....argh! This is some metal tubes that you first load on the fabric you want to turn, they stick the little metal thin wire with a hook on the end, up and grab through the end of the fabric. If the fabric is thick as mine is and can in effect ruin the end a bit in pulling it through...we won't count how many times I have had to start over either. But it does work fairly well on thinner fabrics...

  15. This bag is very beautiful! Inside and outside! I love the rose fabric you've chosen and the little pompom's

  16. Deb, I enjoyed reading your answers to the MeMe & I adore the bag you made!!

  17. Beautiful photos--The purse and top are wonderful.


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