Friday, August 04, 2006

Vintage Button Swap & WIP

My vintage button swap package from Melissa~all buttoned up~arrived today...
pink tissue paper wrapping with a twill tape bow and a beautiful fabric & button pin.

Inside, cards of vintage buttons were paired with these lovely fabrics...also a great Amy Karol card...

Aren't these buttons wonderful? and what clever packaging!

Thanks Melissa!!!

This is todays work in progress ~ two lampshades I'm covering with this floral fabric. I still need some kind of trim for them also...

they're headed to the kid's bathroom to be used on the vintage sconces we put up recently...

Have a great weekend everyone. We are headed to Stephanie's horse show tomorrow and maybe the Renaissance Fair on Sunday.


  1. Fun boutton and I love Melissa's packing too. Can't wait to see the finshed lamp shades. I bet your daughter is so excited about the horse show !!!! Clarice

  2. Great package. What is it about buttons anyway? And then packaged so cute..button bliss.

    I didn't know about that type of shade until reading about them recently in a magazine...and now here you are making them! Can't wait to see how they look in the bathroom.

  3. How lovely everything is! Have a wonderful time at the horse show and the Ren. Fair sounds like so much fun!

  4. I have a jar on my grandma's old sewing machine filled with the various buttons that she gathered over her lifetime. As a child I loved looking at these buttons...I have so many good memories of her making quilts out of old clothing and collecting the buttons for use on something else (which she never

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I can tell a lot of thought went into this gift you've received. It's lovely. I have a real "thing" for old buttons! I have bunches of them and still have a really hard time using them.
    I love these self adhesive lampshades. I've used 3 of them so far and just bought another one for a lamp I found at the thrift store.
    Hope you have a great weekend too Debbie!

  6. Adorable swap goodies! I love your blog and will visit again soon!

  7. Lovely package! I like your photos from your garden. So many beautiful flowers. :o)

  8. What a fun button package from Melissa! I love the package of goodies you sent her!


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