Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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"A turtle is at heart a misanthrope; its shell is in itself proof of its owner's distrust of this world. But we need not wonder at this misanthropy, if we think for moment of the creatures that lived on this earth at the time when turtles first appeared. Almost any of us would have been glad of a shell in which to retire if we had been contemporaries of the smilodon and other monsters of earlier geologic times." from Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock
After my morning routine of hanging clothes, picking strawberries, and watering chickens & plants, I found this little guy sitting on the sidewalk near the house...
When the kids were little, they treasured these tiny painted turtles as pets, keeping them in an aquarium and feeding them insects in addition to their turtle food. Today I just snapped some pictures and set him on a rock at the edge of my garden pond. He quickly slid into the water and disappeared.
I did get some more sewing in last week ~ some pincushions for the shop...
~some Denyse Schmidt retro prints
~a vintage 'thatched cottage' toile
~and some more of that barkcloth.


  1. My girls love turtles! We really don't get any around here, but when I was little, they were all over the place where I grew up. They were the bigger, box turtles. We do get tons of frogs and lizards. The girls will catch them, keep them for a few minutes, then let them go. I certainly always encourage that!

    Once again - beautiful sewing. I just love your fabric.

  2. Love it! great turtle shot!

  3. What a qute little turtle! I adore them, think they are so fun and interesting to look at :)
    Great to see some animal also.
    I see that you have been a very bussy woman, your pincushions are again amazing! Love the patterns. How big are they? They look huge.
    I am so happy that you got some inspirations from the pictures from my site,that`s what i want :)To inspire i mean..
    Wish you a very good night sleep Deb, Aina

  4. Oh what a sweet turtle. I love turtles & always had them as pets as a child. Your pin cushions are wonderful - beautiful fabrics.

  5. Oh I love your pear pincushions, they're so pretty!

  6. My hubby found a small painter turtle last week in the middle of the road...stopped and picked him up and put him on the passenger seat...and forgot he was there. 18 yos gets in car to return movies...driving down road and notices movement on seat...calls dad and asks..."Is there any reason A TURTLE IS IN THE CAR WITH ME???
    We love turtles here, too!

  7. I adore turtles but I think I'd be a little shocked to find one inside the car with me like Farmgirl Cyn mentioned. I'd probably drive right off into the ditch.



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