Wednesday, December 05, 2007

gift making

With so much I'd like to get done before Christmas, I needed a plan so that I could still enjoy a peaceful Advent season. I've designated mornings for the less pleasant work~deep cleaning, polishing silver, washing curtains, floor waxing, etc. Afternoons are for the fun stuff~making gifts, sewing, and decorating.
Yesterday I sewed up a fleece hat and scarf for part of my Giving Tree gift at church...

(And yes, my home really is littered with 'work in progress' baskets, since I always have about a dozen projects started at any given time ~ I think it must be some sort of disease ;)

The pattern for the hat is McCall's 3402. The scarf I made up by sewing two lengths of fleece together and fringing the ends. I use the 'no pill' fleece from Joann Fabrics and I have always been happy with how it holds up.

Hope you are having a happy week!


  1. Hello, what a great job you did on that hat and scarf ! Is it very easy to make these?


  2. no, it is no disease. or it is my disease too. i just finished 2 projects because tomorrow st nikolaus will bring them to our children. but there are a dozen other "work in progress" - pieces all around the house...

  3. I bow to your discipline. Sounds like a busy season to me.

    The hat and scarf look great! Love the color!

  4. Your work is beautiful, as always. And, I love your baskets. I wish I were so tidy with my works in progress. They are usually all over my office, dining room, kitchen and family room.

  5. AM

    Pretty! My home is a mess too with all my works in progress. Your messes seem more under control though... Enjoy the projects!

  6. I have the same disease, my husband told me that he thinks I try to do to much. And I told him that handmade gifts are much more special and there is a method to my madness. My dining room table needs to be transformed from a sewing center (where we have my sewing table at is dark, closed in and I feel claustrophobic) into a Christmas table by next weekend when 23 family members will embark on my house.

  7. I think several of us have the same disease. I have projects everywhere too. I love coming here for inspiration and uplifting - thank you for sharing with us.

    Have a glorious holiday season

  8. I bet the creative energy at your house is wondwerful. Enjoy it all. Clarice

  9. The hat is wonderful -- looks so cozy & snug.

    Hope you are having a happy week also!

  10. I love the green colour of your scarf and hat.

  11. Inspiring. Just made two scarfs, I have to figure out the hat without a pattern..hummm..going to find one of our knit hats. I think crafters all have that problem however yours are so very neat in all the baskets.

  12. VaxGirl5:32 PM

    Lovely hat and scarf! I love the no-pill fleece from Joann too; it washes and sews up beautifully. Your project baskets are so tidy. I either leave things all over tables or stuff them in closets away from the cats who are all definitely in touch with their inner kittens!

  13. Really lovely hat and scarf! You're so organized. I like the idea of WIP baskets - it keeps everything neat and tidy. If only my projects would FIT into a basket LOL!


  14. Beautiful work, I love everything! Continue to enjoy the season!



  15. What a beautiful hat and scarf set! A job well done! :o)

  16. Hi Deb,
    I love the hat and scarf. The color is so pretty. I have too many projects started this year. I know already that they have become a head start on next year. I wasn't expecting a vacation, and as lovely as it was, it definitely changed a few of my holiday plans.
    I think I need a plan too!
    Best wishes to you!

  17. Beautiful projects! I know the feeling of having several unfinished projects - that's my life story! :-) I have many different chapters that are a work-in-progress...

    You are an inspiration and your projects always seem to be well worth the wait and effort put in!


  18. Shelley, yes they are fairly easy and straightforward. The scarf is just two long rectangles stitched together, and cutting into the ends makes the fringe. The hat is one of Butterick's Easy patterns.
    Thanks, everyone, for your comments!!

  19. The hat and scarf are lovely. I also like your idea of doing the unpleasant chores in the morning to free your time in the afternoon. I think I shall give that idea a shot myself as I've been trying it the othe way around and don't think that's really working for me.

  20. You and I both. If you could see haw many I am doing. I have a fleece foot warming lap blanket under stitch at the moment. I like your scarfs. I have some extra fleece I make one or two.


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